Austria Data Protection Ruling

Austria’s Data Protection Agency has ruled the website to be in breach of the EU’s GDPR for its use of Google Analytics. They determined that IP addresses and identifiers from visitors used in cookies or any other method of storage should be considered personal data, thus the transfer of this data is in violation of Chapter V of the GDPR.

As TechCrunch explains (see link below), the decision could have long-reaching implications, as it sets a precedent for the use of tools that require the transfer of European personal data to the US for processing, and it emphasizes the need for data handlers to institute supplementary measures to enhance standard provisions in order to comply with the EU law.

Many websites use Google Analytics, and should be concerned about data privacy and GDPR implications.

The Finnish Data Protection Office published “European data protection authorities have found the use of Google Analytics on the website to be in breach of data protection law”. — (Article in Finnish)

If you are using Snoobi Analytics GDPR-compliant solution, be assured that all data is either stored in Finland (for our Finnish clients) or Germany (for other European clients). Also collected data is never shared with any third party and is for the exclusive use of the owner of the website.
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