Partner spotlight Global Topology

Snoobi Technology works closely together with its many partners. Snoobi Analytics and the Snoobi team have the product and the technical domain knowledge, combined with many years of experience. Our partners add specific expertise in how web analytics and e-commerce analytics can be best implemented and used by our combined clients.

One of the important partners in this field is Geddy van Elburg, founder and owner of Ionmoon B.V. and Global Topology B.V. With Geddy’s background and expertise she assists many clients in applying analytics according to the requirements of GDPR and other privacy aspects. Instead of doing a lengthy interview, we decided to let Mrs. van Elburg speak for herself, so below you will find her personal introduction.

Let me introduce myself:
My name is Geddy van Elburg. I live in the Netherlands, where I founded my own company called Ionmoon in 2008. I have been working in the internet for 22 years after a career as a textile artist. Recently I decided to start my second company called Global Topology, which will be dedicated towards consultancy on cultural differences, export and doing international business.
Primarily I worked at an agency where I was the first  search engine specialist (SEO) and as Google Ads came along I had to master that as well. I learned a lot, worked a lot, but I wanted to start my own company and decide with route I wanted to go: Diving into analytics.

I studied web analytics at the UBC and UCI and I got my DAA certification in 2010.
I also became a Guest lecturer at Saxion University, wrote a course on SEA at the LOI (Dutch institute for distance learning) and was a co-reader/moderator for the courses on SEO and Web analytics.

In my work I combine persona’s, human behavior with online behavior to enhance conversion rates. Ionmoon works for large companies with in-company web analysts  (I do strategic consultancy), but also for medium and small companies. This can be a governmental organization, webshop, international (exporting) business or sometimes a startup. We cover mainly B2B, but also work with some  B2C clients. Companies from other countries who want to target the Dutch market are the cherries on our cake.

Since analytics came along I was concerned about the privacy issues, which are involved with online. I dived into the combination  of legal, technical and human behavior. During the introduction of the GPDR I consulted a great number of businesses and organizations, besides the legal team. How can you still analyze behavior to improve your communication and your website, app, etc.  without intruding on privacy for a visitor?

I strongly believe in privacy in design. This comes with a strong strategy and a solid measurement plan. Thinking before implementing. Always asking the question: Why?

International Cultural Styles
I am fascinated by human behavior, especially online, and working quite a lot with international websites (Netherlands is an exporting country). I learned many things about differences between human behavior in different countries. And more important: asking even more and more questions.
This is where my new story starts. After some analysis, further research and more study I got amazing insights on different national cultures, B2B negotiation styles and the way people interact with your site, your content etc.. At this moment I’m writing a book /or paper on this topic and I hope to tell you some interesting stories about how people in a global world still act locally.

For contact, you’ll find me on LinkedIn or just drop me an email at:

During presentations and consultancy sessions I take organisations along the route of different negotiation styles and the effect on how people are doing business according to their national culture. As doing business starts with trust, you can’t start soon enough to build trust and respect in your relationship.
One way or the other is not good or bad, it is just a different route towards the same goal: doing business.
But in every adventure there is danger. Danger of miscommunication, danger of losing trust. How are you going to find out where you lose your leads? This starts with another segmentation in analytics.

2020 & 2021 Snoobi Clinics were a success!

During this COVID-19 crisis, many people work from home. In-person, classroom training sessions for in-person instruction sessions are almost impossible to arrange.

At the same time we see an increase in importance of websites and the need to analyze the results of website visitor sessions. For some of our governmental clients, the traffic to certain parts of the website increased ten-fold since everyone was searching for information about corona-crisis related items.

In October and November, and based on the result of earlier Snoobi Clinics, we again delivered free online instruction sessions for our Finnish customers. That was extended with additional Snoobi Clinics between February and April 2021
Topics such as Optimizing Snoobi and Reporting attracted the most attendees, while introduction sessions on how to get the first quick results from Snoobi Analytics were also well attended. Snoobi added Enhanced filtering and segmentation sessions to allow users to make the most of the many metrics and reporting options available to them.

Snoobi Clinics provide free general instruction sessions for our clients and partners, and since we are always searching for feedback to improve our service we conducted a short survey. Some of the feedback we received is here:

››› Thank for the very nice Clinics!
››› I expect that how usefull this is will be spread from us who participated to others in our company.
››› Great that online clinics are becoming possible.
››› It takes us a while as Snoobi users to be aware about this and we are excited to take advantage of your knowledge!
››› The enhanced session really showed me how to get the better results.

Various Clinics attendees
Source: Snoobi Clinics Survey 2020 &2021

Do you have questions or comments about the Snoobi Clinics, Snoobi and web analytics in general? 
We always like to hear from you!

Ready for a complete analytics platform?

A new version of the leading Snoobi Analytics web analysis solution

With close to 20 years expertise in web analytics, Snoobi is continuously improving its solutions to help its customers better understand website visits and discover patterns in usage. We are constantly reviewing new technologies, new analysis insights and data security requirements from our customers. As part of that focus we have now released an extensive new release of Snoobi Analytics.

Firstly, we have implemented a series of important updates to our server and data structure to increase the processing speed and allow our customers to generate reports and analysis much faster than before.

Of the many other improvements that we have released, here are the 4 most important ones:

  1. Additional metrics and statistics for more insight into visitors and usage
    Snoobi Analytics is ideally suited for analyzing the use of the website and to recognize visitor patterns. To improve this even further, we have now added additional metrics and dimensions that can provide even more insight and at the same time speed up and improve analysis and reporting. The beauty of Snoobi Analytics is that the new metrics and dimensions are immediately available in reports and apply to all collected data – also your historical data, contrary to how most other web analytics solutions work.
  2. Improvements in the User Interface
    As with any analytics solution, the development of the User Interface never stops. Solutions can offer many options and metrics, but it is sometimes difficult to make use of all the options or techniques. Important functions are sometimes ‘hidden’ behind multiple clicks or menus. To address this, Snoobi is continually reviewing the User Experience and updating the User Interface to provide a better and faster experience. As a result, this release contains several improvements to optimize the User Experience.
  3. New interface for Segmentation
    Snoobi Analytics collects a large amount of visitor data of every website. The ability to filter and segment that data is therefore especially important, so that reports can be created that provide insights into visits and identify opportunities to improve. The new release includes better options for managing Segmentation.
  4. E-commerce new possibilities
    Snoobi Analytics’ e-commerce solution registers details of the checkout page of the webshop. With the changes in this release, more elements can now be measured, and data can easily be filtered from within each panel. Snoobi Analytics now collects additional checkout variables for the Snoobi e-commerce reporting. Does your webshop solution contain information about product group, language settings, customer codes, different invoice or shipping addresses, or other data? With the latest update we can collect all data that is relevant for your e-commerce and combine this with your existing Snoobi web analysis data.

With this release, we are also introducing a change in our release strategy. Instead of releasing small updates, we will be focusing on providing more updates and improvements in regular major releases. Specific problems that customers may have when using Snoobi Analytics will be addressed immediately.

Our customers and partners have all been extensively informed about this new release.

Do you have questions or comments about this new release or Snoobi and web analytics in general? We always like to hear from you!

Ready for a complete analytics platform?

Partner Team Nijhuis sees better analyses of Google Ads with Snoobi Analytics

Snoobi Analytics can track and analyse visits that come to a website thourgh Google Ads with a simple setting. Many of our customers use this information to perform analyses in Snoobi, or in lead generation, if they want to use visits through Google Ads as a criteria for the score.

One option that is used much less within Snoobi is the Google Ads “ValueTrack parameters”. This offers extensive possibilities to show the source of a click, for example the Google Ads campaign, the exact search term and ad group. Combined with the other data in Snoobi, all information can then be seen at the visitor level, and therefore also as criteria for lead scoring or engagement scoring.

An example of this application was created  by our Partner Team Nijhuis. Bram Lucas from Team Nijhuis explains how they did this for their customer Nedap Security Management.

“By adding a tracking template to the Google Ads campaigns, we are able to extract more information from Snoobi than just source and medium. Below the steps. ”

Tracking template

The tracking template added looks like this:


Google Ads will then automatically paste the tracking template behind each URL of the ad’s landing page (URL).
The various parameters are automatically filled with values that relate to the specific click.

Several snippets are included in the tracking template, they will result in making unique codes for the campaigns visible as ad groups and advertisements. However, these codes in itself are not self-explanatory:

  • Campaign ID: Generates the unique ID of the relevant campaign.
  • AdGroup ID: Generates the unique ID of the relevant ad group.
  • Creative: Generates the unique ID of the relevant advertisement.
  • Keyword: Specifies the search term that triggered the ad that the visitor clicked.

Settings in Snoobi

By navigating within Snoobi to: Settings > Ads > Automatic Ads you will see the campaign ID as the original name when the tracking template is active.
You can then rename these to the names of the campaigns as they are in Google Ads.

To ensure that the search term, ad group ID and ad ID are also visible in the reports, you must set the following values in the Snoobi Settings > Content > Site variables as shown here.       

What will you see?

In the Snoobi reports you will then see the exact values for various metrics from Google Ads. This gives you more information on the search behaviour of the visiting organizations and you are able to make better choices in optimizing the Google Ads campaigns.
AdGroup ID and the Advertisement ID are shown encrypted. You will have to make that link yourself by comparing the values with those of the Google Ads campaigns.


By adding the tracking template in Google Ads combined with the setting options in Snoobi Analytics, our Partner Team Nijhuis now has a thorough report of Google Ads for their customer.

Snoobi is pleased to cooperate with active partners such as Team Nijhuis that enable practical solutions with Snoobi.

“Online marketing agency Team Nijhuis is the business partner for companies that want to grow.”

“We take pride in improving your life by designing access control systems that let you focus fully on life and work.”

“With Snoobi you get access to all interesting data about your website.”

Client spotlight Kerridge CS: expert in ERP Systems

Kerridge Commercial Systems develops and delivers ERP software to wholesalers, distributors and rental companies. The company has many years of experience and has extensive knowledge of specific branches and their business processes. Important sectors include rental companies for large equipment or rentals for events. Also technical wholesalers of materials, parts for construction, industry and installation companies are important.

Kerridge Commercial Systems (CS), located in the Netherlands in Veghel and Gouda, is also active worldwide with a number of own offices and has more than 15,000 customers. Important countries are the Benelux area, the United States and Canada.

We interviewed Ramona de Jong and Floortje Osnabrug and asked what distinguishes Kerridge CS from other similar companies – what makes them special?

One of the most important items is that a lot of specialist knowledge of ERP software and related processes exist in Kerridge CS. The consultants who are in direct contact with customers often have a background in the industry or sector for which they work and have insight into the specific problems and processes. They know what is going on and can therefore offer very specific advice, service and extra support.

The choice of a customer for a supplier of ERP software often concerns a long and intensive selection process.

“We really are a partner for the customer. We guide the entire process and ensure that the customer chooses the software package that suits his organization. It’s about the customer, not what package we want to sell. ” says Ramona de Jong, marketing manager.

Kerridge CS has over 40 years of experience within trading companies and the rental industry. The company does not have a separate sales and marketing organization, but focuses largely on research and development. The focus is on developing and implementing the software.
Ramona de Jong: “Our software is not based on tailoring an existing solution to the requirements, but is designed specifically for the industry and together with the industry.” And: “Our customers also have the opportunity to participate in further product development. For example, there is a group forum for the events industry. This allows us to respond even better to the problems and focus area within a certain market. ”

Floortje Osnabrug has recently started working with the program and says: “I find it clear and intuitive and I can easily make my own settings, so that I can zoom in specifically on potential leads.”

In the future, Kerrigde CS will use the Snoobi software in combination with Hubspot(tm) to further expand and enrich their database.

Kerridge CS’s customer-driven development philosophy fits well with Snoobi’s approach and product development.
Kerridge CS offers modern and flexible ERP solutions and their online presence and strategy reinforces this.

Snoobi is proud of clients like Kerridge CS and we hope to contribute even more to their success.

Want to know more about Kerridge Commercial Systems?