Snoobi April 2022 Release

Snoobi Major Update April 2022

Snoobi Development has been busy after the last Snoobi release in September 2021!
As always, new features and changes in Snoobi are done based on feedback and questions we get from our clients, usage patterns, the requests for support we receive and results from our training sessions.

This is an extensive release, it includes several changes to the user interface, additional metrics, enhanced GDPR-related functions and additions to the data-export to make it easier to use and combine Snoobi data with other data sources.

Here is a summary:

  • User interface enhancements, changes to menu structure and filter options
  • Additions to subscription options for automated e-mail reports
  • Snoobi’s traffic monitor, how much data is collected and reported?
  • More metrics on url-report level, for e-commerce analytics and bot recognition (read more on bot traffic here)
  • Data-access enhancements for the Snoobi Datafeed
  • Extra GDPR-related functions such as no-persistent cookie tracking, report on which visitors allowed cookies

For more details, please refer to this Knowledgebase Document. These can also be found by searching for ‘April 2022 Release’ on the Snoobi Support website. (Please note that since there were a lot of changes, some documents in the Snoobi Knowledgebase may not updated yet or in your local language.)

Please feel free to comment or request changes by sending en email to Together we can make Snoobi even better!

And if you don’t know Snoobi yet, and want us to show you what we can do for you or setup a free trial – then contact us and we will show you.

Snoobi Academy 2022

Snoobi Academy & Snoobi webinars

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Snoobi offers a variety of services to help customers optimize their site analytics, assist with 1st party data collection from the website and e-commerce analytics

A complete knowledgebase (parts in English) is available, details are on the Snoobi Support Information site.

But we also understand that users and administrators may be new and are not familiar with the specific options Snoobi has to offer or what analytics metrics to apply.

Optimizing reports to get the most benefit from your website content, information and marketing actions needs constant action to stay on top with latest development in privacy rules and visitor engagement.

That is where Snoobi Academy can help.
Snoobi Academy knows several options, from a single online session to a classroom-type training session, as well as a complete analytics management package where we help you manage your Snoobi Analytics solution. We also assist to ensure the timely delivery of marketing and management reports. Contact us for more information.

In addition to the paid Snoobi Academy services, we also hold short online sessions to introduce users to the various options offered by Snoobi Analytics, assist with interpretation of the results and to show the latest analytics developments.

The purpose of these short online Snoobi Webinar sessions is not to replace entire training or consultation projects, but to introduce users and administrators to the various options and metrics offered by Snoobi Analytics and to provide examples of best practices.

Started as a method to continue training sessions that could not be done in-person due to COVID-19 restrictions, several online Snoob Webinars received positive feedback. So we decided to continue with these in 2022.

Snoobi Academy – Webinars Fall 2022
Dates: TBD (English and Finnish)

Topic: Understanding your website traffic
In the previous Snoobi webinars we have focussed on how to create and optimize settings and reports in Snoobi. The 2022 webinars will still have some of these elements and shortly describe what is new in the 2022 Snoobi releases, but the focus will be on best practices, using the collected data to the benefit of your organization.

In both sessions we will use a few real examples to find better ways to work with your analytics data and leverage that data to make better sales and marketing decisions, even when visitor doesn’t allow cookies to be set. You can sign up for one, or both of these sessions, and in any order.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Snoobi webinars are moved to new dates after the summer period. You can still register, then we will contact you with new dates.

Session 1: GDPR & actionable data

Finnish session – date TBD
English session – date TBD

In this first session we will cover the following main topics:

  • Snoobi GDPR settings and cookieless analytics, challenges and solutions
  • Lead identification using analytics
  • Segmentation and report optimization
  • Goal setting, what are your organizations’ goals
  • Analytics in relation to development of the website and communication
  • How to convert data into action

Our guest speaker will be Antti Kärki from our Finnish partner Digiteam.

Session 2: Analytics best practices

Finnish session – date TBD
English session
– date TBD

In this second session we will cover the following main topics:

  • Interpretation of the main analytics metrics; ignoring the ‘noise’
  • Is your website sufficiently accessible or do you lose visitors, key points and practices
  • Why maintaining ownership over your data is important for any organization
  • Using the Snoobi Datafeed to extract data to combine with other data or for reporting
  • Best practices for setting Key-Performance-Indicators, reporting and act on them

Our English speaking guest speaker will be Rogier Florijn from our Dutch partner TRIMM.

Client spotlight Kerridge CS: expert in ERP Systems

Client spotlight Kerridge CS: expert in ERP Systems

Kerridge Commercial Systems develops and sells ERP software to wholesalers, distributors, rental companies and technical installers. The company has many years of experience and a lot of knowledge of industries and their business processes. Important branches include rental companies of large equipment or for events, but also technical wholesalers of materials and parts for construction, industry and installation companies

Kerridge Commercial Systems (CS) is based in the Netherlands in Veghel and Gouda. The company is active worldwide with a number of offices and has more than 15,000 customers. Important countries are the Benelux, the United States and Canada

We interviewed Ramona de Jong and Floortje Osnabrug and asked what distinguishes Kerridge CS from other similar companies – what makes them special?

One of the most important things is that there is a lot of specialist knowledge of ERP software and the associated processes.
The consultants who are in direct contact with customers often have a background in the industry or sector for which they work; they are familair with the specific problems and processes.
They know what is going on and can therefore offer very specific advice, service and extra support.

The choice of a customer for a supplier of ERP software often concerns a long and intensive selection process.

“We really are a partner for the customer. We guide the entire process and ensure that the customer chooses the software package that suits his organization. It’s about the customer, not what package we want to sell. ” says Ramona de Jong, marketing manager.

Kerridge CS has over 40 years of experience within trading companies and the rental industry. The company does not have a separate sales and marketing organization, but focuses largely on research and development. The focus is on developing and implementing the software.
Ramona de Jong: “Our software is not based on tailoring an existing solution to the requirements, but is designed specifically for the industry and together with the industry.” And: “Our customers also have the opportunity to participate in further product development. For example, there is a group forum for the events industry. This allows us to respond even better to the problems and focus area within a certain market. ”

The contact with Snoobi started a few years ago. At that time, Kerridge CS was using a different analytics program, where they only received reports of website visits, but couldn’t manage any of the settings themselves. We gave a demonstration about the features and benefits and some time later Ramona and her colleague came to one of the Snoobi Clinics, although they were not yet using Snoobi Analytics at that time, and got to know the program. They have been working with Snoobi Analytics for a couple of years now.

Floortje Osnabrug has more recently started working with the program and says: “I find it clear and intuitive and I can easily make my own settings, so that I can zoom in specifically on potential leads.”

Kerridge CS’s customer-driven development philosophy fits well with Snoobi’s approach and product development.
Kerridge CS offers modern and flexible ERP solutions and their online presence and strategy reinforces this.

Snoobi is proud of clients like Kerridge CS and we hope to contribute even more to their success.

Want to know more about Kerridge Commercial Systems and the solutions they can offer?

Snoobi Analytics and GDPR

Snoobi Analytics and GDPR

GDPR and the impact on analytics
After the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) became active in 2018, adoption of data protection laws has accelerated, and not only in Europe. Consumers and privacy advocates everywhere demand transparency in which data is collected, what it is used for, where it is stored and who has access to their data. At the same time, the owner of a publicly available website needs analytics and statistics to optimize the service delivery and to make the information available to their public.
So it becomes important to inform the visitor of a website about how data is used and allow them to remain anonymous. Only then a visitor can provide the relevant informed consent and do not just block everything to play safe. Snoobi Analytics, as the European provider of web, portal and complex analytics provides tools for both the website owner as well as the website visitor to fully comply with the GDPR.

In the short video below we summarize and highlight a number of these Snoobi features.

Snoobi Analytics GDPR – related features and functions (English)
Snoobi Analytics GDPR – related features and functions (FINNISh)

Bot traffic and Snoobi Analytics

Snoobi, your website and unrecognizable ‘BOT’ traffic

Bot is the short name for a software application that runs automated tasks over the Internet without any human interaction. It is called web robot, robot or simply bot. Also the names ‘scraper’ or ‘spider’ can be used.
An internet bot is mostly used for web crawling or information scraping. The bot retrieves, processes and stores information from websites. Worldwide, more than 60% of all internet traffic is generated by bots. According to a 2021 article from Barracuda, close to 40% is from ‘bad’ bots. See the full article here

Difference between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ bots
Some are ‘good’ bots – e.g. search engine spiders or bots for SEO analysis. We really need those so our website and information can be found. Bots and scrapers are also used to find out if your website doesn’t contain copyrighted material from others such as images. Other bots can be ‘bad’: they enable misuse, and attacks on websites. They allow the bot operator (which can include competitors and fraudsters) to perform many malicious activities such  as competitive data mining (price lists and conditions), personal data retrieval (contact scraping), advertising fraud, denial-of-service (DoS) attacks, ruin your web store and much more. And with the newest techniques and availability of cloud servers and ready-made bot programs, building a bot is cheap and easy.

Identifying bot traffic
While building a bot is easy, disallowing access to the website information for a bot is less easy. After all, a website is supposed to be available for any visitor. There are measures a website owner can take to prevent bad bots from operating, such as bot detection and disallowing certain bots from retrieval of webpages. However, in response to these methods more and more bots manipulate the browser data, frequently change their IP-address, or use natural language processing to simulate being an actual person who visits your site.

Impact on analytics
Bot traffic, if not properly recognized, can have a direct impact on the ability of a marketer or website owner to analyze actual visitor traffic to their website.
Metrics such as number of visitors, visited pages, duration of an average website session by a visitor or bounce rates can be dramatically different from actual metrics for real visitors and this in turn can lead to budget decisions based on incorrect data.

Snoobi Analytics and bot detection
What can Snoobi do to tackle bots, so the analytics metrics reflect actual visitors?
Since its inception, Snoobi Analytics has the capability to exclude traffic from good and known bots. Traffic that is generated by bots, such as those used by search engines are stored as any other traffic data but excluded from the user reports.

Since new ‘good’ bots are created almost monthly and existing good bots change their profile, updates to the Snoobi bot lists are done regularly. Where possible, Snoobi also excludes traffic that can be identified as visits by other type of bots. In an upcoming release, Snoobi will enhance the process to recognize bot traffic so that additonal bot traffic is excluded from the standard web analytics reports including all historic data.
In addition, Snoobi has started a project to automatically identify patterns in the millions of hits that access the websites of our customers to ensure metrics are reliable and reflect actual visitors.