Identifying and Optimizing Online B2B Leads

Identifying and Optimizing Online B2B Leads

Why Online B2B Lead Generation?
In your marketing automation or sales management system you may already have a number of potential leads as contacts. The more intelligent systems may also have a function to inform you when one of these contacts visits your site. However they cannot recognize if there are new employees or completely unknown companies that are searching the web for products or services.

Another benefit from lead generation with your website is that lead quality from other sources can vary significantly. In comparison, the quality of a lead source such as your website which you control and manage yourself, is usually constant because this employs one primary method of lead generation

Lead verification processes help verify that a lead is valid, usually meaning it is from a real live consumer who is truly interested in your product or services.

At the most basic level, there may be a form on your website that captures the customer’s information, and you can reject leads with incomplete or inappropriate data, such as company name, phone, or e-mail address.
But most visitors do not leave information in a form on a website, so you need more sophisticated services and some background work to find out more about this potential lead. Snoobi Analytics provides all visitor session information and can do the initial work for you by creating a lead score which is based on actual visitor behaviour.

Lead scoring refers to the process of applying a numeric score to a lead, based on visitor performance but also based on the online visits of other visitors of the same organization. After all, there will most likely be more people involved in the decision making process for your service and that size of the DMU or Buying Center usually increases with the size of the organization.
This numeric score indicates the likelihood that the lead will convert into an actual client. What is important in Lead Scoring is that the score is also based on historical purchases and lost leads so results can improve over time.
The most common example of lead scoring based on a filter is to only show leads above a certain threshold and to reject leads below it. However since no lead scoring can be 100% accurate Snoobi’s advice is to provide the sub-standard lead list to an inside sales person to be reviewed.

Data appending refers to the process of adding additional data to a lead, once it is identified. Usually this data is from public records provided by data service providers, ot the website of the potential lead.Examples include adding geo-location, website, phone numbers or e-mail address to a lead.
Snoobi already provides a certain data set for each identified organization based on the internet address of that organization. Additional data is always available from a variety of sources, even Google or Google Maps provides basic information for a company to follow up leads. And the CRM or sales system you use may already have all the information you need.

The final stage of lead optimization after classification to MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead) and optimization is management of the entire ongoing sales process. At this stage the Lead Generation process has been concluded and the actual lead management and follow-up process to become a SQL (Sales Qualified Lead) will need to be handled in your CRM or sales automation system.
At the same time, repeat visits from the same organization to your website and the areas that are visiting are important to follow, as they may well indicate certain needs or interests that assists your sales team in the final conversion from lead to customer!

These are just the basic building blocks of a succesful online leads generation project. There may be some quick wins but for the best results planning and a close cooperation between sales and marketing are important.
Snoobi’s Partners have experience with small as well as very large clients and can deliver the results you expect using proven methods.

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Partner Spotlight TRIMM

Partner Spotlight TRIMM

A full service internet agency. One with a lot of passion, flair, a healthy dose of self-assurance and a touch of stubbornness. That is TRIMM and digital is their craftmanship. 

They have been Snoobi Partners since two years and we are extremely proud of that. TRIMM offers professional and tailor-made solutions. Nothing is standard, nothing is just like that. This is reflected in their successes: ranging from complete customer portals for Sygnify and Grolsch, to launches of new brands and platforms such as Nexperia and, to the documentary about the World Solar Challenge in Australia. TRIMM has been at the forefront of digital for 25 years and has not lost any momentum. In 2020 they were again elected in the Emerce-100 Digital Agencies list,

For TRIMM Snoobi is a key component to fulfill their mission: connecting people, data and automation. “Data is more than static information and Snoobi knows that better than anyone else. We have been committed for years to making data more accessible with a high focus on our customers and doing what adds value. With Snoobi there is more value.” says Rogier Florijn, director at TRIMM.

Access of data

TRIMM: Data is more than static information and Snoobi knows that better than anyone else. We have been committed for years to making data more accessible with a high focus on our customers and doing what adds value. With Snoobi there is more value.

An important recognition that TRIMM received is “best full-service internet agency in the Netherlands” in the Emerce100. However, for TRIMM it is more important to look at relationships with their customers as a measure of quality and success. “Our customers mainly have long relationships with us. “
We do not work fór the customer, but together with the customer”, says the Digital Marketing Consultant at TRIMM. They see the end product as co-creation, something that both the customer and TRIMM can be proud of. “We are down to earth, pragmatic and we keep our promises. We won’t stop there. We have a real “customer obsession”, we are not just plainly commercial, but we are looking for the best possible solution that we can deliver to the customer.
They have a close relationship with their customers and immerse themselves and integrate with their clients. Snoobi helps to strengthen this connection. Through simple and clear insights into the data and results, they can present solutions with even more conviction.

Customer Obsession

Rogier: “We have a real ‘customer obsession’, we are not just plainly commercial, but we are looking for the best possible solution that we can deliver to the customer.”

Customer obsession

This philosophy of a ​​close cooperation is what stimulates the partnership between Snoobi and TRIMM. Together we look where we can add value. A “customer obsession” means we don’t stop at a standard solution. Technology continuously provides new challenges and requires new solutions. One of the reasons that TRIMM has chosen Snoobi is its flexibility and development. Because Snoobi possesses the raw data that is stored within the EU, new developments can take place faster. Snoobi, for example, is the first and for now the only one that besides GDPR compliancy goes a few steps further by offering webinars and tools within existing products to support website owners with this changes in legislation.

TRIMM can operate in every digital market. As a result of years of experience and investing in the freedom and creativity of its employees, this organisation can offer real customized solutions for every digital issue. The tools of Snoobi are an important part to clarify these issues and to help with the development of these solutions. “However, collaboration is not a” one trick pony”, says Rogier. TRIMM and Snoobi are therefore also looking together for the next step in data accessibility, from analysis to lead generation and more.

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