Easier access to panel filters in Snoobi

One of the big advantages of using Snoobi Analytics as a user-oriented tool is that important metrics and reports are easily available without the need for technical knowledge of the underlying data.

Having direct access to the metrics that provide the best insights is important for a number of reasons.
It helps you measure the effectiveness of your marketing strategy and prioritize your efforts,
Overall, selecting the right analytic metrics is crucial tp understand the performance of your website and to make the right data-driven decisions.

Snoobi has now added specific functionality to every Snoobi panel which allows you to not only filter the metrics, but also to maintain that filter for subsequent online sessions. This means you have faster access to the metrics you select and it reduces the time you need to spend in working with the user interface.

How does this funcion

As an example: the list of pages and events during a time period can become quite long and hard to review, the list easily becomes hundreds of separate pages and includes events such as outgoing links, clicks on email addresses etc.
In this case we are only interested in pages that contain the word ‘ceiling’, so we create a simple filter. Unlike most webanalytics tools the filters in Snoobi are never destructive, the main raw data is always maintained so you can experiment with the filter before saving.

This filter is maintained across your sessions with Snoobi Analytics, and it is user specific, so every user can build their own ‘view’ on what is important in every panel in Snoobi without the need to create a report.

This means one less step to view the metrics you need to make decisions based on actual analysis of your website data!

More information in our Help Center document or contac us if you want our specialists to show you how?