Introduction to Snoobi’s moving average function

Have you ever looked at a graph, trying to spot a trend and see if your website or campaign is giving you the desired results?

It is a fact that humans find it easier to spot trends in graphs than in a column with numbers and metrics. To help with reviewing trends, this article will highlight the use of a less often used feature in Snoobi Analytics: the ability to show graphs over time using a 7-day average view.

You may ask what the problem is with just using the standard timeline and looking at the performance over different date ranges? After all, the direct graph provides direct insight, such as immediately after you launched a new campaign and want to see if it is effective.

But that is different when you want to review a trend. There are many reasons why site traffic can change from week to week and from month to month. A change in traffic or any other metric may be attributed to seasonality, the number of days in a month, or maybe a new campaign or even a change in the weather. Using a short date range will often see drops in numbers on weekends only to peak again on Mondays. Comparing individual days or short date ranges will thus not help us spot possible trends.

What is a moving average?

You may have seen the 7-day moving average in other graphs, as it is now often used to show trends in for example COVID-19 cases. In Snoobi, this means that we sum the past 7 days of metrics, take the average of those days, and use that moving average for the graph in Snoobi.

Two real-life examples

Let’s look at a real-life example. Below are two graphs for the same period showing the number of views of a home page for a 1-year period. While the week-over-week details are clearly visible in Image 1, spotting a trend is much easier to do using the moving average as shown in Image 2.

Image 1: No moving average
Image 1: No moving average
Image 2: 7-day moving average used
Image 2: 7-day moving average used

Another example is where we look at visit duration over a longer period. In this example we look at a website that has been stable with no changes in pages or content made during the selected period. When content or the number of pages would have been increased, this would also need to be taken into consideration as this impacts the average visit duration.

Image 3 is a graph showing visit duration. It provides detail but makes it hard to spot a trend. Image 4 is a graph showing the visit duration using a 7-day moving average. The graph here clearly shows a drop in average visit duration around week 2. It may be too early to draw conclusions and change the site or launch a campaign but it may be a trend to investigate further.

Image 3: Visit duration without averages being applied
Image 4: Visit duration over time using moving average

These examples show that using the 7-day average calculation in Snoobi can be used to get a better view of possible important trends in your web analytics.


To summarize, use a graph with direct metrics when you want to observe changes immediately. Snoobi provides results in minutes so you can view changes almost ‘as they happen’, enabling you to view results and act immediately if these are not as you expected them to see.

Use the 7-day moving average in graphs as a tool to spot trends in important KPI’s over time.

Do you want to know more about how the Snoobi Analytics Suite can help you deliver the results from your online marketing? Try us for free, contact one of our partners or contact us directly. We’re happy to talk to you and share our experiences in helping similar organizations in your line of business.

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2020 & 2021 Snoobi Clinics were a success!

During this COVID-19 crisis, many people work from home. In-person, classroom training sessions for in-person instruction sessions are almost impossible to arrange.

At the same time we see an increase in importance of websites and the need to analyze the results of website visitor sessions. For some of our governmental clients, the traffic to certain parts of the website increased ten-fold since everyone was searching for information about corona-crisis related items.

In October and November, and based on the result of earlier Snoobi Clinics, we again delivered free online instruction sessions for our Finnish customers. That was extended with additional Snoobi Clinics between February and April 2021
Topics such as Optimizing Snoobi and Reporting attracted the most attendees, while introduction sessions on how to get the first quick results from Snoobi Analytics were also well attended. Snoobi added Enhanced filtering and segmentation sessions to allow users to make the most of the many metrics and reporting options available to them.

Snoobi Clinics provide free general instruction sessions for our clients and partners, and since we are always searching for feedback to improve our service we conducted a short survey. Some of the feedback we received is here:

››› Thank for the very nice Clinics!
››› I expect that how usefull this is will be spread from us who participated to others in our company.
››› Great that online clinics are becoming possible.
››› It takes us a while as Snoobi users to be aware about this and we are excited to take advantage of your knowledge!
››› The enhanced session really showed me how to get the better results.

Various Clinics attendees
Source: Snoobi Clinics Survey 2020 &2021

Do you have questions or comments about the Snoobi Clinics, Snoobi and web analytics in general? 
We always like to hear from you!

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A new version of the leading Snoobi Analytics web analysis solution

With close to 20 years expertise in web analytics, Snoobi is continuously improving its solutions to help its customers better understand website visits and discover patterns in usage. We are constantly reviewing new technologies, new analysis insights and data security requirements from our customers. As part of that focus we have now released an extensive new release of Snoobi Analytics.

Firstly, we have implemented a series of important updates to our server and data structure to increase the processing speed and allow our customers to generate reports and analysis much faster than before.

Of the many other improvements that we have released, here are the 4 most important ones:

  1. Additional metrics and statistics for more insight into visitors and usage
    Snoobi Analytics is ideally suited for analyzing the use of the website and to recognize visitor patterns. To improve this even further, we have now added additional metrics and dimensions that can provide even more insight and at the same time speed up and improve analysis and reporting. The beauty of Snoobi Analytics is that the new metrics and dimensions are immediately available in reports and apply to all collected data – also your historical data, contrary to how most other web analytics solutions work.
  2. Improvements in the User Interface
    As with any analytics solution, the development of the User Interface never stops. Solutions can offer many options and metrics, but it is sometimes difficult to make use of all the options or techniques. Important functions are sometimes ‘hidden’ behind multiple clicks or menus. To address this, Snoobi is continually reviewing the User Experience and updating the User Interface to provide a better and faster experience. As a result, this release contains several improvements to optimize the User Experience.
  3. New interface for Segmentation
    Snoobi Analytics collects a large amount of visitor data of every website. The ability to filter and segment that data is therefore especially important, so that reports can be created that provide insights into visits and identify opportunities to improve. The new release includes better options for managing Segmentation.
  4. E-commerce new possibilities
    Snoobi Analytics’ e-commerce solution registers details of the checkout page of the webshop. With the changes in this release, more elements can now be measured, and data can easily be filtered from within each panel. Snoobi Analytics now collects additional checkout variables for the Snoobi e-commerce reporting. Does your webshop solution contain information about product group, language settings, customer codes, different invoice or shipping addresses, or other data? With the latest update we can collect all data that is relevant for your e-commerce and combine this with your existing Snoobi web analysis data.

With this release, we are also introducing a change in our release strategy. Instead of releasing small updates, we will be focusing on providing more updates and improvements in regular major releases. Specific problems that customers may have when using Snoobi Analytics will be addressed immediately.

Our customers and partners have all been extensively informed about this new release.

Do you have questions or comments about this new release or Snoobi and web analytics in general? We always like to hear from you!

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Identifying and Optimizing Online B2B Leads

Why Online B2B Lead Generation?
In your marketing automation or sales management system you may already have a number of potential leads as contacts. The more intelligent systems may also have a function to inform you when one of these contacts visits your site. However they cannot recognize if there are new employees or completely unknown companies that are searching the web for products or services.

Another benefit from lead generation with your website is that lead quality from other sources can vary significantly. In comparison, the quality of a lead source such as your website which you control and manage yourself, is usually constant because this employs one primary method of lead generation

Lead verification processes help verify that a lead is valid, usually meaning it is from a real live consumer who is truly interested in your product or services.

At the most basic level, there may be a form on your website that captures the customer’s information, and you can reject leads with incomplete or inappropriate data, such as company name, phone, or e-mail address.
But most visitors do not leave information in a form on a website, so you need more sophisticated services and some background work to find out more about this potential lead. Snoobi Analytics provides all visitor session information and can do the initial work for you by creating a lead score which is based on actual visitor behaviour.

Lead scoring refers to the process of applying a numeric score to a lead, based on visitor performance but also based on the online visits of other visitors of the same organization. After all, there will most likely be more people involved in the decision making process for your service and that size of the DMU or Buying Center usually increases with the size of the organization.
This numeric score indicates the likelihood that the lead will convert into an actual client. What is important in Lead Scoring is that the score is also based on historical purchases and lost leads so results can improve over time.
The most common example of lead scoring based on a filter is to only show leads above a certain threshold and to reject leads below it. However since no lead scoring can be 100% accurate Snoobi’s advice is to provide the sub-standard lead list to an inside sales person to be reviewed.

Data appending refers to the process of adding additional data to a lead, once it is identified. Usually this data is from public records provided by data service providers, ot the website of the potential lead.Examples include adding geo-location, website, phone numbers or e-mail address to a lead.
Snoobi already provides a certain data set for each identified organization based on the internet address of that organization. Additional data is always available from a variety of sources, even Google or Google Maps provides basic information for a company to follow up leads. And the CRM or sales system you use may already have all the information you need.

The final stage of lead optimization after classification to MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead) and optimization is management of the entire ongoing sales process. At this stage the Lead Generation process has been concluded and the actual lead management and follow-up process to become a SQL (Sales Qualified Lead) will need to be handled in your CRM or sales automation system.
At the same time, repeat visits from the same organization to your website and the areas that are visiting are important to follow, as they may well indicate certain needs or interests that assists your sales team in the final conversion from lead to customer!

These are just the basic building blocks of a succesful online leads generation project. There may be some quick wins but for the best results planning and a close cooperation between sales and marketing are important.
Snoobi’s Partners have experience with small as well as very large clients and can deliver the results you expect using proven methods.

Select one of our Partners or use the button below to ask more information.

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Finnish Newsletter – September 2020

Hyvä Snoobin käyttäjä,

Lähestymme sinua tällä Snoobin uudella asiakaskirjeellä, koska olet aktiivinen Snoobin käyttäjä. Haluamme parantaa suoraa kommunikointia asiakkaittemme kanssa varsinkin nyt kun Covid-19 pandemia rajoittaa asiakastapaamisia. Uutiskirjeemme tarkoituksena on kattaa asiakkaillemme tärkeitä aiheita liittyen Snoobin käyttöön, palvelun uusiin ominaisuuksiin, tapahtumiin, kumppanuuksiin sekä myös jakaa analytiikkamaailman kuulumisia yleisemmin. Kerrottavaa olisi varmasti aina enemmän kuin yhteen kirjeeseen mahtuu, joten meihin saa myös yhteyden sähköpostilla tai puhelimitse (yhteystiedot alla). Otamme mielellämme palautetta ja ideoita vastaan.

Kevään ja kesän Snoobi Klinikat

Jatkamme Snoobi Klinikoiden järjestämistä, joista saimme hyvää palautetta viime kevään ja kesän aikana.  Snoobi Klinikoiden tarkoituksena on käsitellä tärkeitä Snoobin käyttöön liittyviä asioita ja saada palautetta suoraan asiakkailtamme. Ensimmäisten Snoobi Klinikoiden teemana oli Snoobi tilien huoltoon liittyvät asiat palvelun sujuvuuden ja tietoturvan näkökulmasta. Klinikoiden tarkoitus ei ole korvata asiakastukea, koulutusta tai konsultointia vaan täydentää niitä. Julkaisemme pian loppuvuoden Klinikat päivämäärineen ja teemoineen – ideat ja toiveet teemojen suhteen ovat tervetulleita.

Uudet laajennetut palvelut

Snoobin ja Fonectan kaupallinen yhteistyö jatkuu kuten ennenkin, eli asiakkaamme saavat Snoobiin liittyvää ensiasteen tuotetukea ja -koulutusta Fonectalta. Olemme kuitenkin laajentaneet ko. palvelua kokonaisvaltaisempaan tilien hallinnan ja optimoinnin konsultointiin sekä asiakaskohtaisiin Snoobi-räätälöinteihin sen palautteen pohjalta, jota olemme saaneet asiakkailtamme. Näillä laajennetuilla palveluilla autamme asiakkaitamme saamaan Snoobista enemmän irti. Autamme myös mielellämme tietoturvaan ja Snoobiin liittyvissä asioissa, joka on varsin ajankohtainen juuri nyt, koska GDPR tulkintaa ollaan muuttumassa Suomessa.

Uudet kotisivut

Snoobi Technologian kotisivut ovat uudistuneet osoitteessa Sivuston tarkoituksena on kertoa Snoobin ratkaisuista selkokielisesti ja jakaa tietoa Snoobin kansainväliselle käyttäjäkunnalle. Sivuston suomenkielinen versio on myös työn alla, joten siitä enemmän seuraavassa kirjeessä.

Fonectan Snoobi sivusto löytyy osoitteesta

Uudet kumppanuudet Suomessa

Snoobi laajentaa aktiivisesti kumppaniverkostoa Suomessa. Uusin kumppanimme on Digiteam Oy, joka on analytiikkaan erikoistunut digimarkkinointipalveluja tarjoava toimisto. Digiteamin sivustot löytyvät osoitteesta ja kontaktihenkilö on Antti Kärki puh.+358 (0)40 503 5186.

Tässä kaikki tällä kertaa. Ota yhteyttä meihin joko suoraa tai sähköpostitse ihan missä vaan asiassa – Juodaan vaikka etäkahvit verkossa.

Snoobi Technology B.V.

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Anne Opas,, puh. +31 (0)20 345 6820 (Asiakastuki)
Mika Alapiessa,, puh. +31 (0)6 5109 2976 (Partner/Sales)

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