Partner Profile Digiteam

Profile Digiteam – interview Antti Kärki

Snoobi Technology is working with a growing number of partners in Finland, who support their customers with online marketing services and the use of Snoobi Analytics. They assist these clients by measuring and improving the results of their online activities. One of the Finnish Snoobi Partners is Digiteam and we had the opportunity to interview them.


Antti Kärki is the CEO of Digiteam and one of its founding members. Digiteam offers a comprehensive range of digital marketing services, from strategy building to operational marketing implementation. Antti tells how, after his studies in economics and working in online advertising, the original Snoobi became a part of his career, before Digiteam signed up as a Snoobi Technology partner: “I worked for Snoobi Oy starting in 2006 as a sales and marketing manager. As the company grew and services diversified, I began to build expert services in the use of analytics. I recruited and trained people for these roles, and I worked at Snoobi until 2013. Then I started my own digital marketing business and a few years later we set up Digiteam with former Snoobi-colleagues. What makes us different from the average digital agency is that we have a good understanding of the customer and where the business results really come from – this is all because of our strong background in analytics. We provide services to a wide range of customers, large and small, as well as a wide variety of industries.”

When will analytics turn into tangible benefits?

Measurement should always be driven by objectives“, Antti continues. “Numbers and graphics don’t tell you anything if no targets have been set. Secondly, you need to understand where the results come from so you can influence how you reach your goals. The third thing is that you need to have the resources to react to the statistical and analytics metrics and make changes to get better results.”

What should you invest your marketing budget in?

Antti points out: “Organizations should start doing a holistic and planned digital marketing project. For example, if an agency is hired to do Google advertising, after a certain optimization cycle, no further development or improvement can be expected. This is not the way to develop all online advertising. Also, people’s online behavior is not limited to one channel, but you should look at the website and all the different communication channels at the same time; and it is worth looking at some offline aspects as well.

Customer orientation

Antti emphasizes the importance of customer orientation and goal setting: “Goals should be considered and set by all organizations, and then it is necessary to think what they mean online. For example, target group thinking does not work in the same way online as it does offline: you do not think about which industry or which size of companies you want to target, instead you start with the needs that your target company has. Those needs are usually some kind of services and products. These needs cut across all different target groups, and traditional marketing targeting such as demographics, may not be able to determine what someone wants or needs. You need to know the customer; whether they are a municipal or corporate customer, you must understand what motivates them and what drives them.”

Looking at the future

How does Antti see digital marketing evolving? “There is already improvement on how companies and organizations are able to demand more from their marketing partners. The understanding of digital marketing is growing and the quality of the players is improving as well.

Mika Alapiessa co-founder of Snoobi Technology said:
We are very happy with our partner Digiteam. Not only do they already have a deep knowledge of Snoobi Analytics, but they also understand the customer’s need to have a broader picture about online marketing and the improvements it can bring than only the analytics metrics.

Client spotlight Kerridge CS: expert in ERP Systems

Client spotlight Kerridge CS: expert in ERP Systems

Kerridge Commercial Systems develops and sells ERP software to wholesalers, distributors, rental companies and technical installers. The company has many years of experience and a lot of knowledge of industries and their business processes. Important branches include rental companies of large equipment or for events, but also technical wholesalers of materials and parts for construction, industry and installation companies

Kerridge Commercial Systems (CS) is based in the Netherlands in Veghel and Gouda. The company is active worldwide with a number of offices and has more than 15,000 customers. Important countries are the Benelux, the United States and Canada

We interviewed Ramona de Jong and Floortje Osnabrug and asked what distinguishes Kerridge CS from other similar companies – what makes them special?

One of the most important things is that there is a lot of specialist knowledge of ERP software and the associated processes.
The consultants who are in direct contact with customers often have a background in the industry or sector for which they work; they are familair with the specific problems and processes.
They know what is going on and can therefore offer very specific advice, service and extra support.

The choice of a customer for a supplier of ERP software often concerns a long and intensive selection process.

“We really are a partner for the customer. We guide the entire process and ensure that the customer chooses the software package that suits his organization. It’s about the customer, not what package we want to sell. ” says Ramona de Jong, marketing manager.

Kerridge CS has over 40 years of experience within trading companies and the rental industry. The company does not have a separate sales and marketing organization, but focuses largely on research and development. The focus is on developing and implementing the software.
Ramona de Jong: “Our software is not based on tailoring an existing solution to the requirements, but is designed specifically for the industry and together with the industry.” And: “Our customers also have the opportunity to participate in further product development. For example, there is a group forum for the events industry. This allows us to respond even better to the problems and focus area within a certain market. ”

The contact with Snoobi started a few years ago. At that time, Kerridge CS was using a different analytics program, where they only received reports of website visits, but couldn’t manage any of the settings themselves. We gave a demonstration about the features and benefits and some time later Ramona and her colleague came to one of the Snoobi Clinics, although they were not yet using Snoobi Analytics at that time, and got to know the program. They have been working with Snoobi Analytics for a couple of years now.

Floortje Osnabrug has more recently started working with the program and says: “I find it clear and intuitive and I can easily make my own settings, so that I can zoom in specifically on potential leads.”

Kerridge CS’s customer-driven development philosophy fits well with Snoobi’s approach and product development.
Kerridge CS offers modern and flexible ERP solutions and their online presence and strategy reinforces this.

Snoobi is proud of clients like Kerridge CS and we hope to contribute even more to their success.

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Partner spotlight Global Topology

Snoobi Technology works closely together with its many partners. Snoobi Analytics and the Snoobi team have the product and the technical domain knowledge, combined with many years of experience. Our partners add specific expertise in how web analytics and e-commerce analytics can be best implemented and used by our combined clients.

One of the important partners in this field is Geddy van Elburg, founder and owner of Ionmoon B.V. and Global Topology B.V. With Geddy’s background and expertise she assists many clients in applying analytics according to the requirements of GDPR and other privacy aspects. Instead of doing a lengthy interview, we decided to let Mrs. van Elburg speak for herself, so below you will find her personal introduction.

Let me introduce myself:
My name is Geddy van Elburg. I live in the Netherlands, where I founded my own company called Ionmoon in 2008. I have been working in the internet for 22 years after a career as a textile artist. Recently I decided to start my second company called Global Topology, which will be dedicated towards consultancy on cultural differences, export and doing international business.
Primarily I worked at an agency where I was the first  search engine specialist (SEO) and as Google Ads came along I had to master that as well. I learned a lot, worked a lot, but I wanted to start my own company and decide with route I wanted to go: Diving into analytics.

I studied web analytics at the UBC and UCI and I got my DAA certification in 2010.
I also became a Guest lecturer at Saxion University, wrote a course on SEA at the LOI (Dutch institute for distance learning) and was a co-reader/moderator for the courses on SEO and Web analytics.

In my work I combine persona’s, human behavior with online behavior to enhance conversion rates. Ionmoon works for large companies with in-company web analysts  (I do strategic consultancy), but also for medium and small companies. This can be a governmental organization, webshop, international (exporting) business or sometimes a startup. We cover mainly B2B, but also work with some  B2C clients. Companies from other countries who want to target the Dutch market are the cherries on our cake.

Since analytics came along I was concerned about the privacy issues, which are involved with online. I dived into the combination  of legal, technical and human behavior. During the introduction of the GPDR I consulted a great number of businesses and organizations, besides the legal team. How can you still analyze behavior to improve your communication and your website, app, etc.  without intruding on privacy for a visitor?

I strongly believe in privacy in design. This comes with a strong strategy and a solid measurement plan. Thinking before implementing. Always asking the question: Why?

International Cultural Styles
I am fascinated by human behavior, especially online, and working quite a lot with international websites (Netherlands is an exporting country). I learned many things about differences between human behavior in different countries. And more important: asking even more and more questions.
This is where my new story starts. After some analysis, further research and more study I got amazing insights on different national cultures, B2B negotiation styles and the way people interact with your site, your content etc.. At this moment I’m writing a book /or paper on this topic and I hope to tell you some interesting stories about how people in a global world still act locally.

For contact, you’ll find me on LinkedIn or just drop me an email at:

During presentations and consultancy sessions I take organisations along the route of different negotiation styles and the effect on how people are doing business according to their national culture. As doing business starts with trust, you can’t start soon enough to build trust and respect in your relationship.
One way or the other is not good or bad, it is just a different route towards the same goal: doing business.
But in every adventure there is danger. Danger of miscommunication, danger of losing trust. How are you going to find out where you lose your leads? This starts with another segmentation in analytics.

Partner Spotlight TRIMM

Partner Spotlight TRIMM

A full service internet agency. One with a lot of passion, flair, a healthy dose of self-assurance and a touch of stubbornness. That is TRIMM and digital is their craftmanship. 

They have been Snoobi Partners since two years and we are extremely proud of that. TRIMM offers professional and tailor-made solutions. Nothing is standard, nothing is just like that. This is reflected in their successes: ranging from complete customer portals for Sygnify and Grolsch, to launches of new brands and platforms such as Nexperia and, to the documentary about the World Solar Challenge in Australia. TRIMM has been at the forefront of digital for 25 years and has not lost any momentum. In 2020 they were again elected in the Emerce-100 Digital Agencies list,

For TRIMM Snoobi is a key component to fulfill their mission: connecting people, data and automation. “Data is more than static information and Snoobi knows that better than anyone else. We have been committed for years to making data more accessible with a high focus on our customers and doing what adds value. With Snoobi there is more value.” says Rogier Florijn, director at TRIMM.

Access of data

TRIMM: Data is more than static information and Snoobi knows that better than anyone else. We have been committed for years to making data more accessible with a high focus on our customers and doing what adds value. With Snoobi there is more value.

An important recognition that TRIMM received is “best full-service internet agency in the Netherlands” in the Emerce100. However, for TRIMM it is more important to look at relationships with their customers as a measure of quality and success. “Our customers mainly have long relationships with us. “
We do not work fór the customer, but together with the customer”, says the Digital Marketing Consultant at TRIMM. They see the end product as co-creation, something that both the customer and TRIMM can be proud of. “We are down to earth, pragmatic and we keep our promises. We won’t stop there. We have a real “customer obsession”, we are not just plainly commercial, but we are looking for the best possible solution that we can deliver to the customer.
They have a close relationship with their customers and immerse themselves and integrate with their clients. Snoobi helps to strengthen this connection. Through simple and clear insights into the data and results, they can present solutions with even more conviction.

Customer Obsession

Rogier: “We have a real ‘customer obsession’, we are not just plainly commercial, but we are looking for the best possible solution that we can deliver to the customer.”

Customer obsession

This philosophy of a ​​close cooperation is what stimulates the partnership between Snoobi and TRIMM. Together we look where we can add value. A “customer obsession” means we don’t stop at a standard solution. Technology continuously provides new challenges and requires new solutions. One of the reasons that TRIMM has chosen Snoobi is its flexibility and development. Because Snoobi possesses the raw data that is stored within the EU, new developments can take place faster. Snoobi, for example, is the first and for now the only one that besides GDPR compliancy goes a few steps further by offering webinars and tools within existing products to support website owners with this changes in legislation.

TRIMM can operate in every digital market. As a result of years of experience and investing in the freedom and creativity of its employees, this organisation can offer real customized solutions for every digital issue. The tools of Snoobi are an important part to clarify these issues and to help with the development of these solutions. “However, collaboration is not a” one trick pony”, says Rogier. TRIMM and Snoobi are therefore also looking together for the next step in data accessibility, from analysis to lead generation and more.

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Partner spotlight Team Nijhuis

One of our Snoobi Partners in Netherlands is Team Nijhuis, located in Borne. With FD Gazelle Awards and 4 times a listing on the Deloitte Fast 50 is Team Nijhuis an important partner for Snoobi. Below more information about Team Nijhuis and a recent interview.

Grow with Team Nijhuis

By positioning your company as a team, you create expectations for both customers and employees. Originally called Nijhuis, since the 70s Team Nijhuis. A Digital Marketing Agency that does justice to its company name. It is a team. They are specialists. They are creative. They have been active since 1973 and are still innovative. Team Nijhuis has one goal: to grow your business. How? Through experience, a clear business philosophy, insight, strategy and most importantly: through working with the client proactively. Snoobi is an important tool in fulfilling their mission. Team Nijhuis, “we exist to let your business grow.

We are developing a strategy to nurture customers during the entire (purchasing) process, instead of just at the time of purchase. You really help customers with that. As a team, we are committed to exploiting the maximum potential of all our customers.”

Where many companies struggle to stay in the forefront and keep up with online market development, Team Nijhuis has been a breath of fresh air for years. They perform a research of the target group and the industry and do not take existing ideas for granted. They dare to reinvent themselves and offer a lot of room for new talent. The internal cooperation between experienced specialists and up-and-coming talent provides dynamic and creative solutions. They think about now and the future. This is reflected in the development of the See, Think, Do, Care model. Many companies and agencies approach digital marketing only from the decision phase. But that means you miss out on many potential customers. “An example is the car industry. The purchasing process takes an average of six months. Visitors leave traces early in the process. By creating an overview, the customer sees the real potential. We then develop a strategy to nurture these customers during the entire process, rather than just the moment of purchase. You really help customers with that. As a team, we are committed to maximise the potential of all our customers,” says Luuk Rouwhorst, Team Lead and Inbound Sales Manager at Team Nijhuis.

Team Nijhuis has been using the Snoobi tools for more than seven years, mainly for lead generation but also for detailed analysis of the visiting organizations. Luuk: “Even after seven years we see that new potential customers are still impressed by the possibilities to see which companies visit their website and details of their visit”. By using the Snoobi tools with website analytics and lead scoring possibilities, it is possible to show exactly which companies and industries visit the website, what their interest is, in which stage of the decision process they are and more. Thanks to this insight, customers know exactly where they stand and Team Nijhuis can develop a strategy. Interviews with target groups, Google Ads, social media: every relevant channel is used for launching a new brand and product or increasing brand awareness of existing products. The customers are therefore also diverse: from car dealers to home care, from recruitment agencies to web shops, from the city of Utrecht to F.C. Twente and many more.

Just like Snoobi, Team Nijhuis is committed to helping your company grow. Approaching the customer at the right time through the right channels. Not only today, but certainly also tomorrow.

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