How Circus Finland uses Snoobi Analytics

Sirkus Finlandia, or Circus Finland in English, ( is a traditional family business founded in Finland in 1976 and it is called the Finnish National Circus. Usually, the circus tours Finland for seven months, offering guests traditional circus entertainment such as clownery, acrobatics, juggling and magic tricks.

The staff consists of about a hundred people. In addition to the artists, it includes the administration, the orchestra, and the technical staff. Performers come from all over the world and the repertoire changes every year. As a result, year after year, the performances gather a wide audience that can expect something new to see. On average, about 200,000 Finns visit the show every year.

Snoobi interviewed Kalle Roos, who is Sirkus Finlandia’s Operations Manager. Kalle’s work includes almost anything – apart from what happens in the performances. During the winter, the main work is the planning of the upcoming tour and during the active time of the circus, Kalle follows the analytics of the website. Snoobi has been in use for over 10 years and has proven very useful in sales promotion and advertising tracking.

Web Analytics in support of a touring circus

Sirkus Finlandia uses a variety of advertising methods. Traditional outdoor advertising is an important means of gaining visibility for any circus in Finland. This means placement of posters around poles in towns and cities. In addition, posters are taken to local shops, and television, radio, local newspapers and social media are used extensively for advertising. They also publish a yearly magazine, highlighting the shows.

“Snoobi provides excellent support for showing advertising results”, says Kalle: “As the number of visitors to our website grows from a certain city, we can take it that advertising in that city has turned out to be effective. But if we know that advertising has started, and the number of visitors has not increased as expected, we need to analyse this and invest more in advertising.”

Targeting business sales has been easy with Snoobi, as the reports show the names of the companies that have visited the site. Once it is known which companies are interested, then it is easy to follow up on that.

The analytics is adjusted so that all the important data can be collected. Kalle states: “Much more time could be spent on monitoring and delving into analytics, but the reports are really useful for me. They are also helpful for site content. The site must be clear and, for example, the program for the show must be easy to find for the visitor.”

Flexibility in seasonal operations and exceptional situations

Circus activities are seasonal, and the website obviously gets few visitors during the winter. The agreement with Snoobi takes this seasonality into account. Reports from Snoobi start to come again just before the season, and the website traffic will still be monitored for a while after the tour has ended. The pandemic has limited the activities of the performing arts and thus also Sirkus Finlandia: “Last summer (2021) we were able to tour only for three months and gained no profit,” says Kalle Roos, “Snoobi understood this situation well and our cooperation was flexible also in these exceptional circumstances.”

The new season will start again in April and Snoobi Technology is looking forward to continuing our cooperation with Sirkus Finlandia!

Mika Alapiessa, co-owner of Snoobi says: “We are happy we can support Sirkus Finlandia in the marketing efforts by providing the analytics and statistical information they need and adjust the contractual arrangement according to their season. The implementation for the circus shows the flexibility of Snoobi Analytics to provide metrics for a wide range of organizations.”

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