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One of the reasons Snoobi Analytics is used by many clients is the ability to provide local first-party data services. As Snoobi Master Reseller n Finland, Fonecta uses that to deliver specific services to not just business-to-business clients but also to many public sector clients where ease of service, direct vendor support and GDPR-level security are a requirement. Below an example of a recent announcement for a major new contract in Finland.

Snoobi expands its international activities in the public sector

Snoobi Technology B.V. in Amstelveen has started a collaboration with the Finnish company Fonecta Oy for the use of Snoobi Analytics. This entails delivering all web analytics services to the Finnish public sector. The Snoobi platform is used for this. Snoobi Analytics is already being used by many Finnish companies and institutions. This cooperation adds a large number of organizations to it.

This latest large scale contract comes from Valtori, the Finnish government center for IT. In addition to the national government, municipalities, police and other institutions are also covered by this agreement.

The aim is to improve the experiences of users of websites in the public sector, to increase efficiency and to ensure that all data is stored with the highest level of security. Currently a a number of different analysis tools are being used in the public sector. By offering a uniform platform, comparable data can be collected.

“Understanding users is the key to better service. With these analyses, organizations in the public sector can better understand their users and develop services faster” says Vesa Kattilakoski, Product Manager at Valtori.

Sami Jokivirta, Business Development Manager at Fonecta says: “The aim is to improve the user experience of public web services, to increase the efficiency of the online presentation and to ensure that all monitoring data collected by the Finnish authorities remains in Finland.”

According to Charles Odinot, director at Snoobi Technology, the agreement with Fonecta opens a broader customer base and the possibility of further expansion in the public sector in other countries. “We can also use the knowledge and experience that we have built to further develop the Finnish market with insightful marketing analyses,” he adds.

About Fonecta Oy

Fonecta Oy offers digital solutions to help companies improve their online competitive position. Fonecta Oy is part of the European Directories Group, which also includes the Dutch DTG and Austrian Herold.

About Valtori

This Finnish governmental center for IT provides IT services for the entire government sector.