Snoobi Analytics Clinics in English

Fonecta and Snoobi are organizing a number of Snoobi Clinics, where Snoobi Analytics users can ask questions and receive advice from a Snoobi Specialist.
These sessions will be conducted online and are completely free of charge for customers. Duration is about 30-45 minutes.

The main themes are: (new) Insights into web site analytics, the latest developments for working with analytics data and the field of GDPR, web shops and online leads generation.
We have the experience that certainly after working with one tool for a longer period, there may well be areas that can be enhanced. We offer the experience of the Snoobi specialists for free because one of our goals is to optimize our client’s usage of their own data.

The online events do not require to have any software installed: you can participate just using a browser.
In the Snoobi Clinics you get targeted information about the possibilities of Snoobi Analytics for your specific use and about recent developments in the field of analytics for websites, intranet and web shops.
The Snoobi Clinics are multi-client, where exchanges of issues and questions are shared between multiple contacts from various organizations to everyone’s benefit.
Of course, no actual data of any account is shown or otherwise made accessible to other participants.

However, if you don’t feel comfortable with sharing your particular issues with others, we can also offer private Snoobi Clinic sessions. In that case we will schedule a separate date and time with you. Private sessions can also be conducted in English. Please select ‘Contact me…’ on the form and we will get in touch with you.

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