Pricing and Comparison Snoobi Analytics Editions

Every organization with a website needs the analytics means to let the website become an effective sales or information tool. But not every organization has the budget or expertise to make full use of all marketing analytics and other functionality. Snoobi has a range of editions, and they all collect the same basic metrics. This enables SME’s to grow, large enterprises to benefit from all solutions and Snoobi Partners to offer the edition that best fits their client base.
(*) Note that any price mentioned is indicative only. Pricing and editions by Partners can deviate from the information below as Snoobi Partners may add specific services. Always contact one of our partners, or our local country reseller or Snoobi for a customized price quote. The prices below are valid until 31-12-2022.


€110 / month*
(when invoiced annually, €138 when invoiced monthly)

SME with basic analytics and lead generation needs or webshop

• All standard analytics functions
• KPI-Analytics
• E-commerce Analytics
• Snoobi LeadsProfiler
• Clustering of important pages
• Standard and Custom reports
• Unlimited users
• Snoobi Privacy Manager
• A/B testing & engagement rating
• Snoobi-hosted additional tag manager
• Advanced segmentation – any metric
• Datafeed optional
• Free Snoobi Prospekter Mobile

Traffic up to 250k events/month
25 months storage (additional archive possible)


Starts at 160 / month *
(when invoiced annually, €195 when invoiced monthly)

Organization with complex analytics, marketing and campaigns

• All Snoobi Standard analytics functions
• Specialist Service and Support
• Multi-site Roll-up reporting
• 2 x Snoobi Datafeed included
• Customized reports
• Snoobi Privacy Manager
• Unlimited users
• Private Reporting server optional
• Advanced onboarding included
• Specific portal- and intranet features
• Custom variables & reporting
• Snoobi Project account support
• Annual account review

Traffic up to 500k events/month
25 months storage (option to expand or archive)

ENTERPRISE – CUSTOMIZED for specific client needs
Sharepoint or other intranet or extranet and online application analytics

In addition to the standard Snoobi Editions, Snoobi Enterprise offers an extended set of functions and customized settings. And the Snoobi Datafeed as required. Analytics- and KPI reporting will be tailored to the needs of Partner and the requirements of the client and traffic levels. Portal- or Application analytics may require additional settings and consultation from our development or analytics specialists. A private reporting server, where all data is separated from other accounts and clients, is optional. Snoobi Enterprise is mostly delivered in close cooperation with a Snoobi Partner.

No fixed traffic limit (max. 15-20M/month), data storage optimized for analytics or application needs, contact us for more information

*) Pricing is an indication, for standard Snoobi Analytics, is correct at time of publication for new contracts, and may depend on specific implementation requirements. Pricing is also based on an annual, pre-paid contract. Your existing price and conditions may differ due to historic contracts through Snoobi resellers. Contact us if you have questions.

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