Heuvelman Sound & Vision is the B2B specialist in audiovisual solutions, from Ajax to the Hilton hotels and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. For them no project is too large and no technology too new.Heuvelman not only offers new and innovative solutions to their customers, but also to their account managers by making use of the data contained in Snoobi: the Snoobi Datafeed™.

The Snoobi Datafeed is set up by a Snoobi Technical Specialist and provides direct access to data from Snoobi in a “json data” format. This data can then be used in an application like Google Data Studio.

Snoobi Datafeed is a recent development from Snoobi and we could not have imagined a better collaboration than with Heuvelman. They use innovation and convert it into something practical and ingenious for a broad range of organizations.
For example the complete digital signage system (120 LED screens!)in ice stadium Thialf for news, program and direction information. And also the beacon installation to provide De Ruwenberg Castle’s event guests with up-to-date information during their visit. With the Snoobi Datafeed, Heuvelman provides their account managers with the latest information regarding prospects who visit the website – easy to use: on screens in the sales department.

The Snoobi Datafeed fully enables you to present data from Snoobi in a different way, so that information that is really important for the company or the specific department is available faster. Ask for more about the Snoobi Datafeed on our contact page

Heuvelman was looking for a solution to encourage account managers to make more use of online leads and information from the website. Presenting the lead information on a large LED TV at the sales department led to a positive result. The account managers were excited to be able to see their prospects almost real-time when they came into the office.

But the possibilities for Heuvelman’s account managers do not stop at the Datafeed™. They can view the latest prospect information on their mobile at any time, on the road or at the office. By using Prospekter Lite from Snoobi, they can see the visitor information and view the information ‘as it happens’.

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