New KB-article about measuring social media

There is a new Knowledgebase article with details about how to measure social media analytics using Snoobi. Here’s an excerpt and a link to the full article.

What is social media analytics
Social media analytics means collecting and analysing data from social media networks and other sources, assisting you in your social media strategy and optimizing engagement around your organic and paid social media efforts. In this article we go into detail on what can be analysed with Snoobi.

Social media analytics requires the right approach
Despite being a key element in measuring performance and success, true social media analytics still needs the right approach. Many organizations are failing to take advantage of all metrics, using only native social media-platform provided tools that show shallow performance metrics for each of their channels separately. They miss out on a multitude of more in-depth metrics in addition to all of the data points and insights that can be derived from standard web analytics provided by Snoobi Analytics.

In the article, we use an example for Facebook analytics in Snoobi. (Read the full article here)

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