Snoobi Technology is now a Mouseflow Partner

Snoobi Analytics and Mouseflow

We are always on the lookout for tools related to Snoobi Analytics that augment or enhance the analytic metrics that Snoobi provides.

With a broader view of how users interact with your site, the marketer and website owner have  a better, extended view on visitor behavior and it provides additional actionable insight.  We now have become a partner of Mouseflow™.
Mouseflow is a behavior analytics tool that enables businesses to capture, analyze, and leverage valuable user behaviorial data to further optimize their website or digital product with a view on the analytics business closely aligned with Snoobi.
Mouseflow also has several advantages over HotJar™. You can read the full article on the Mouseflow website.

Why Mouseflow and Snoobi

In business “knowledge is power“, and when it comes to that knowledge behind your customers’ needs, pain points and habits, this statement has never been more true. Understanding your customers on a deeper level enables you to better optimize your products, increase conversions and improve the overall user experience.
Mouseflow is established in the European Union, so any privacy aspect is also handled according to GDPR.

What does Mouseflow offer that is in addition to Snoobi Analytics?

Amongst other metrics, Snoobi Analytics will tell you how many people visited a given page and where they came from. However, we cannot tell you details on HOW users navigated within that page, nor how their full experience was. Mouseflow behaviour analytics is about looking at users’ holistic experiences and then finding patterns that cut across them. The combination of Snoobi and Mouseflow provides marketers with additional tools and insight.
With the data obtained from behaviour analytics, businesses can better understand and optimize the user experience and user journey. These both play a key role in customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and revenue.

What can you expect from the Mouseflow-Snoobi cooperation?

If you have the Snoobi Analytics code installed , Snoobi will take care of adding the Mouseflow code, so it loads at the same time. Then there is no need to change your website code to get started.
In a future Snoobi update, you will be able to see the base statistics from Mouseflow directly in your Snoobi Analytics report and be able to click through details in your Mouseflow account.

More information and signing up for Mouseflow trial

Similar to Snoobi, Mouseflow has a 14-day trial option.
How can you signup for a trial with Mouseflow? As Snoobi is a Mouseflow partner, please use the link below.
Mouseflow article: “The Ultimate Guide to Heatmaps”
Mouseflow summary: “Executive guide to behaviour analytics”
And if you need any additional information from us, please contact us or enter a support ticket on our Help Center