FAQ Installing Snoobi Analytics

How do I install the Snoobi code on my site

There is a Snoobi plugin for WordPress, see details below, For companies using another Content Management Systems (CMS) available e.g. Drupal, the implementation is quite easy. All you have to do is paste the simple Snoobi code snippet that you received from us in the same place where the rest of your tracking codes, such as Google Analytics, are placed. You should look for “Custom Java Script” in your CMS settings. You can find installation instructions below.

  • For WordPress:
    • Select ‘Snoobi Analytics’ as plugin and follow the instructions
  • For Google Tag Manager:
    • Create a Container with the Name ‘Snoobi code’, Container Type = ‘Web’
    • Open Google Tag Manager and select ‘Custom HTML’
    • Paste the Snoobi code you received as custom html code (be sure to use the correct account id)
    • Under ‘Triggering’ Set triggers to fire on All Pages
    • Load the changed Tag Manager code
  • For Drupal:
    • If you have Drupal 7, please follow the process as recommended by Drupal on this page: https://www.drupal.org/docs/7/api/javascript-api/managing-javascript-in-drupal-7 (Note that we recommend that you use “Method 1”)
    • If you have Drupal 8, the set up in Drupal 8 is different from Drupal 7,  we recommend that you follow the processs as described in the article from Drupal: https://www.drupal.org/docs/8/creating-custom-modules/adding-stylesheets-css-and-javascript-js-to-a-drupal-8-module
  • For Joomla:
    • The Snoobi code needs to be installed in the Joomla code. For this you need to log in as an administrator.
    • After logging in you should navigate to the Templates section: Extensions > Templates > Templates.  
    • Then select index.php in the left sidebar menu.
    • Paste the Snoobi code directly above the </body> tag.
    • Click Save and check if your website is functional, otherwise review the Snoobi code you have entered.
  • Other systems: (The following instructions work for virtually any system. Note you may need Administrative access)
    • Insert our tracking snippet within your website’s HTML, preferrably in template for your header or footer.
How do I know if Snoobi collects data and the code works?
  • You will receive a mail from Snoobi as soon as the system views data flowing. The system needs some time to analyse the first data and visitors and to verify that everything is working. Once this is the case, you will receive the mail with login details. If you do not get such a mail within 24 hours after implementing the script, then something might be wrong, and you should contact us for assistance.
How do I remove the Snoobi code from my site and what happens when I stop using Snoobi?
  • You remove the Snoobi code by reversing the steps you took to install the Snoobi Code. Once the code is removed, Snoobi will no longer collect data.
  • Regardless of removal, Snoobi will no longer collect data from your website traffic and visitors within 30 days of the end of a pilot- or contract period, and all data will be removed 60 days thereafter to comply with privacy regulations.
GDPR- and Privacy Data concerns

Snoobi fully understands that data security is important.  Please note that the Snoobi code will send information to our servers from your site, never the other way around. 

GDPR affects the general collection of customer data collection and storage. Snoobi only covers web analytics. In other words, we do not track data that can be linked directly to your specific users, only organizations. Exceptions are only possible if you have signed a specific Data Provider Agreement with Snoobi.

We also guarantee that any data that we collect is only accessible to you, your users and possibly your digital agency if you provided that access. We never provide your data to any third party.
Analytics Data storage is included in all Snoobi Editions. Different Snoobi Editions have different storage duration.