More results through result driven crossmedia marketing and communication campaigns. Using and combining smart contemporary technologies efficiently to maximise results and ROI. Crossmedia House provides effective marketing and communication.

Snoobi Partner Crossmedia House


Stefan Katalanc


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Nation wide


B2B / B2C


Leads generation, Communication campaigns, Online Marketing, online and offline

Crossmedia House, the name says it all. We are good at professionally and cleverly combining the right means to achieve your goals.

Do more with less

Your challenge is our commitment.We are genuine and strive for the best results. We do this by listening carefully to what you want to achieve. We use the means with which we know how to touch and seduce your target groups. Only in this way can you achieve more results (turnover, profit) with less effort (resources, budget).

“It is the right mix of resources that does the trick.
Working hard is nice, but working smart and efficient is better.
And that’s exactly how we make satisfied customers. “

Everything under one roof at Crossmedia House

Crossmedia House also means: all expertise in cross-media marketing and communication under one roof. One point of contact for all your wishes in the field of online and offline marketing issues. This prevents errors and miscommunication. That is pleasant, but certainly also the most efficient.