Partner spotlight Limesquare

What is your brand and what do you want to be perceived? Limesquare shifts the focus in the creative process to you. No standard and ready-made solution for a short campaign. Limesquare is working on long-term solutions that can lead your company to your objectives with a lot of creativity and in a no-nonsense way. And with Snoobi they have an extra tool available to achieve this.

“For you”  instead of “ About us” – Limequare

The Limesquare team is not scared of changes and of reinventing itself. In 2018 they successfully completed a total repositioning. Who are we, what is our brand, what do we stand for and what is our strategy? Those were the questions that Eeke Olijve, Director and strategist of Limesquare, asked the team. The answer:

“We wanted to look at ourselves as a neutrally decorated room in a museum, in which the works are best reflected. Powerful and unpretentious, with full attention to the work for the customer and not to Limesquare itself.”

Where many companies struggle to stay in the forefront and keep up with online market development, Team Nijhuis has been a breath of fresh air for years. They perform a research of the target group and the industry and do not take existing ideas for granted. They dare to reinvent themselves and offer a lot of room for new talent. The internal cooperation between experienced specialists and up-and-coming talent provides dynamic and creative solutions. They think about now and the future. This is reflected in the development of the See, Think, Do, Care model. Many companies and agencies approach digital marketing only from the decision phase. But that means you miss out on many potential customers. “An example is the car industry. The purchasing process takes an average of six months. Visitors leave traces early in the process. By creating an overview, the customer sees the real potential. We then develop a strategy to nurture these customers during the entire process, rather than just the moment of purchase. You really help customers with that. As a team, we are committed to maximise the potential of all our customers,” says Luuk Rouwhorst, Team Lead and Inbound Sales Manager at Team Nijhuis.

An important change was shifting to a subscription structure and real long-term strategy. The additional advantage is that communication with their customers (or as they call them their partners) is even easier and smoother. “Recently one of our partners called with a new idea for a campaign and asked whether we could take care of it. Of course we do. And off we go. No quote, no invoice, we can get started right away.” Eeke says.

This starts with the first contact. Limesquare wants to be able to add something, have a good rapport and always look at the strategy first, for every (customer) partner, for every order. They are entrepreneurs with a lot of experience. Critical if necessary, but especially an enthusiastic and down-to-earth team. Working with the partners, even internally, to really understand what the goals are that must be achieved. It also requires a proactive attitude from Limesquare. With employees who are primarily concerned with contact with customers, Limesquare can continuously monitor the strategy and look for new opportunities. This is how they became involved with Snoobi.

Eeke Olijve | Directeur & Strateeg Limesquare

Eeke: “It’s one thing to have insights, but the road to that point is more important. Do you have the right people on the website? How do you follow up? ”Snoobi can help with this.” It makes tracking campaigns, among other things, tangible and partners can also get to work on it themselves”. With Snoobi, Limesquare can offer their partners a complete analysis overview. Both the current situation and the progress and how the goals are achieved and tools to follow up prospects. “Snoobi is mentioned everywhere. When I demonstrate how it works and what you can do with it, people are super excited.”