Snoobi Major Update April 2022

Snoobi Development has been busy after the last Snoobi release in September 2021!
As always, new features and changes in Snoobi are done based on feedback and questions we get from our clients, usage patterns, the requests for support we receive and results from our training sessions.

This is an extensive release, it includes several changes to the user interface, additional metrics, enhanced GDPR-related functions and additions to the data-export to make it easier to use and combine Snoobi data with other data sources.

Here is a summary:

  • User interface enhancements, changes to menu structure and filter options
  • Additions to subscription options for automated e-mail reports
  • Snoobi’s traffic monitor, how much data is collected and reported?
  • More metrics on url-report level, for e-commerce analytics and bot recognition (read more on bot traffic here)
  • Data-access enhancements for the Snoobi Datafeed
  • Extra GDPR-related functions such as no-persistent cookie tracking, report on which visitors allowed cookies

For more details, please refer to this Knowledgebase Document. These can also be found by searching for ‘April 2022 Release’ on the Snoobi Support website. (Please note that since there were a lot of changes, some documents in the Snoobi Knowledgebase may not updated yet or in your local language.)

Please feel free to comment or request changes by sending en email to Together we can make Snoobi even better!

And if you don’t know Snoobi yet, and want us to show you what we can do for you or setup a free trial – then contact us and we will show you.