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Snoobi offers a variety of services to help customers optimize their site analytics, assist with 1st party data collection from the website and e-commerce analytics

A complete knowledgebase (parts in English) is available, details are on the Snoobi Support Information site.

But we also understand that users and administrators may be new and are not familiar with the specific options Snoobi has to offer or what analytics metrics to apply.

Optimizing reports to get the most benefit from your website content, information and marketing actions needs constant action to stay on top with latest development in privacy rules and visitor engagement.

That is where Snoobi Academy can help.
Snoobi Academy knows several options, from a single online session to a classroom-type training session, as well as a complete analytics management package where we help you manage your Snoobi Analytics solution. We also assist to ensure the timely delivery of marketing and management reports. Contact us for more information.

In addition to the paid Snoobi Academy services, we also hold short online sessions to introduce users to the various options offered by Snoobi Analytics, assist with interpretation of the results and to show the latest analytics developments.

The purpose of these short online Snoobi Webinar sessions is not to replace entire training or consultation projects, but to introduce users and administrators to the various options and metrics offered by Snoobi Analytics and to provide examples of best practices.

Started as a method to continue training sessions that could not be done in-person due to COVID-19 restrictions, several online Snoob Webinars received positive feedback. So we decided to continue with these in 2022.

Snoobi Academy – Webinars Fall 2022
Dates: TBD (English and Finnish)

Topic: Understanding your website traffic
In the previous Snoobi webinars we have focussed on how to create and optimize settings and reports in Snoobi. The 2022 webinars will still have some of these elements and shortly describe what is new in the 2022 Snoobi releases, but the focus will be on best practices, using the collected data to the benefit of your organization.

In both sessions we will use a few real examples to find better ways to work with your analytics data and leverage that data to make better sales and marketing decisions, even when visitor doesn’t allow cookies to be set. You can sign up for one, or both of these sessions, and in any order.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Snoobi webinars are moved to new dates after the summer period. You can still register, then we will contact you with new dates.

Session 1: GDPR & actionable data

Finnish session – date TBD
English session – date TBD

In this first session we will cover the following main topics:

  • Snoobi GDPR settings and cookieless analytics, challenges and solutions
  • Lead identification using analytics
  • Segmentation and report optimization
  • Goal setting, what are your organizations’ goals
  • Analytics in relation to development of the website and communication
  • How to convert data into action

Our guest speaker will be Antti Kärki from our Finnish partner Digiteam.

Session 2: Analytics best practices

Finnish session – date TBD
English session
– date TBD

In this second session we will cover the following main topics:

  • Interpretation of the main analytics metrics; ignoring the ‘noise’
  • Is your website sufficiently accessible or do you lose visitors, key points and practices
  • Why maintaining ownership over your data is important for any organization
  • Using the Snoobi Datafeed to extract data to combine with other data or for reporting
  • Best practices for setting Key-Performance-Indicators, reporting and act on them

Our English speaking guest speaker will be Rogier Florijn from our Dutch partner TRIMM.