Snoobi Analytics and GDPR

GDPR and the impact on analytics
After the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) became active in 2018, adoption of data protection laws has accelerated, and not only in Europe. Consumers and privacy advocates everywhere demand transparency in which data is collected, what it is used for, where it is stored and who has access to their data. At the same time, the owner of a publicly available website needs analytics and statistics to optimize the service delivery, optimize their business and to make the information available to their public.
So it becomes important to inform the visitor of a website about how data is used and allow them to remain fully anonymous, if they wish. Only then a visitor can provide the relevant informed consent and does not “..just block everything..” to play safe. Snoobi Analytics, as the European provider of web, portal and complex analytics provides tools for both the website owner as well as the website visitor to fully comply with the GDPR. Or you can choose to store nothing in the browser of the visitor for fully anonymous analysis.

In the short video below we summarize and highlight a number of these Snoobi features.

Snoobi Analytics GDPR – related features and functions (English)
Snoobi Analytics GDPR – related features and functions (FINNISh)