2020 & 2021 Snoobi Clinics were a success!

During this COVID-19 crisis, many people work from home. In-person, classroom training sessions for in-person instruction sessions are almost impossible to arrange.

At the same time we see an increase in importance of websites and the need to analyze the results of website visitor sessions. For some of our governmental clients, the traffic to certain parts of the website increased ten-fold since everyone was searching for information about corona-crisis related items.

In October and November, and based on the result of earlier Snoobi Clinics, we again delivered free online instruction sessions for our Finnish customers. That was extended with additional Snoobi Clinics between February and April 2021
Topics such as Optimizing Snoobi and Reporting attracted the most attendees, while introduction sessions on how to get the first quick results from Snoobi Analytics were also well attended. Snoobi added Enhanced filtering and segmentation sessions to allow users to make the most of the many metrics and reporting options available to them.

Snoobi Clinics provide free general instruction sessions for our clients and partners, and since we are always searching for feedback to improve our service we conducted a short survey. Some of the feedback we received is here:

››› Thank for the very nice Clinics!
››› I expect that how usefull this is will be spread from us who participated to others in our company.
››› Great that online clinics are becoming possible.
››› It takes us a while as Snoobi users to be aware about this and we are excited to take advantage of your knowledge!
››› The enhanced session really showed me how to get the better results.

Various Clinics attendees
Source: Snoobi Clinics Survey 2020 &2021

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