Snoobi use by Dutch National Fund against Cancer

The National Fund against Cancer (Nationaal Fonds tegen Kanker or NFtK) is a Dutch charity that is committed to  Live Longer and Better for people with cancer.
They do this by providing good insights of the value of nutrition, exercise and well-being after the diagnosis, so that within a treatment a permanent place is created for these subjects.

By well-being they mean psychosocial help aimed at mental and physical well-being; examples are dealing with stress, anxiety and depression.

This help is offered by healthcare professionals and also by the approximately 75 walk-in centers, where people confronted with cancer and their loved ones can tell their story.

A lot of attention is given to providing information, patient-oriented projects and targeted scientific research. The website is an important part of the communication strategy.

Example of studies

We spoke with drs. Lon Claassen, director of the NFtK. He gives an example of one of the studies they contributed to.

“At the Maxima Medical Center in Veldhoven, surgeons wanted to reduce the severity and number of complications (approximately 50%) during and after surgery for patients with colon cancer.They had an idea for a program to make patients more fit for surgery by offering help in giving up smoking, improving nutrition, increasing muscle strength and supporting the family. The NFtK, thanks to its donors, has made available €100,000 for the pilot to a study with 50 patients. Based on the success of this first study also the KWF (large Dutch charity for cancer research) started supporting the project. In addition, money has been made available from the Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZA), with which the Fit4Surgery program is currently being rolled out in the Netherlands.“
The NFtK hopes that within a few years all people will be offered a fitness-promoting program after their diagnosis. Higher success rates for surgery with fewer complications, faster recovery and better quality of life for the patient – that’s the goal.

The KWF (Koningin Wilhelmina Fonds) is the largest charity in the Netherlands that is active in health care and with its many resources it can therefore focus particularly on the fight against cancer. The National Fund against Cancer, on the other hand, is a very small player. Or as Lon Claassen calls it: “a small fish capable of acting as a catalyst”. They use all kinds of fundraising techniques, such as mailings, both on paper and online. On top of that, social media and events are used.

Snoobi’s contribution and support

Charles Odinot, director of Snoobi says “we are happy to contribute to a good cause like this. In addition, we work together with Snoobi Partner Ionmoon, who has ensured the structure and findability of the website and who also handles the use of a Google Grant (free advertising in Google Ads for non-profit organizations).” The website is a place where around 35,000 people can find answers to their many questions about cancer every month.

Snoobi Technology B.V. supports the NFtK by offering them the use of Snoobi Analytics for in-depth anonymous analyses of the use of the information on the website. Lon Claassen does not have much time to look at the results of his website on a daily basis, but says “if you have no insight in what is happening on your website, you really know nothing.” Ionmoon, together with Snoobi, provides thorough reporting to show the results and problem areas.

More information

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