Snoobi Solutions

The Snoobi Analytics Platform can be used in many different ways. After all, many analytics requirements may be standard but your business (or that of your customer) may require specific settings, data elements or analysis to optimize effectiveness. Snoobi Solutions leverage the Snoobi Analytics Platform to deliver bespoke client solutions in areas where the standard analytics solutions are not sufficient, are less secure or too cumbersome to be used for real actionable insight.


Below are a number of important elements of the Snoobi Data Platform for online analytics.
The actual possibilities for additional solutions are (almost) endless: if Snoobi can collect the data, we can analyse, present the metrics and make these available as actionable insight in your digital performance!

Marketing Analytics

Marketing Analytics is a key factor in the success of an organization. One of the most important factors that enables detailed analytics and eventually leads to predictions on campaign ROI is the availability of uncompressed first-party data. To be able to analyse, the analyst needs full control over the data.

Lead Generation

If Online Lead Generation is only based on recognizing a visiting company from their internet address or you only see known contacts from your marketing tool then important information is left out. Using real marketing qualified leads, engagement scoring for campaigns and details for every visiting organization means sales teams can focus on the most relevant leads and not waste valuable time.

Custom Solutions

In addition to the standard solutions you can expect from a sophisticated web analytics tool, Snoobi also has the flexibility and customizable environment to create tailored solutions.
If your sensitive business requires a fully secured, private server solution, or you need to also analyse server log details for compliancy or visitor behaviour – Snoobi can provide the custom solution for your needs also for mobile.

Portal and Application Analytics

Every business accesses more and more portals, webshops and web applications to gain access to assets from a provider. Snoobi portal, intranet and application analytics helps companies to monitor and optimize the portal use. Reports provide insight to optimize the adoption, measure the use and improve the usability of the portal.

1st Part Data and Data Awareness

There are many ways the data a company creates is important.
And it is not just your financial- or client records that are valuable resources where you should have full control.
Only when you maintain full ownership over the behaviour of visitors to your website or webshop will you benefit from that data.

Snoobi’s feature set

Snoobi of course has all the metrics and features you can expect from a professional online analytics tool, and a list of features and functions never tells the complete story. How do we measure the importance of ad hoc and immediate drill-down reporting? If you are a marketer, you will recognize how relevant near-time reporting, retroactive settings and full visitor session data.