Custom Solutions

In addition to the standard solutions you can expect from a web analytics tool, Snoobi also has the flexibility and customizable development environment to create specific, customized solutions. Below are a few of the solutions we have available and are already implemented for clients.

Custom solutions is where the flexibility of the Snoobi Analytics Platform shows it’s full potential. Together with Snoobi consultants either from Snoobi directly or from a Snoobi Partner bespoke solutions made possible that maximizes a client’s usage of the collected analytics data.

An overview of some of the solutions that were developed to enable customers to make the most out of the Snoobi Data Platform; many were developed in cooperation with Snoobi Partners. Please contact us if you want to know more about the Snoobi Custom Solutions or are interested to develop your own in cooperation with Snoobi.

Snoobi Private Reporting Server

Some customers or partners need the speed and security of their own environment. The Snoobi Private Solutions range from a private reporting server with shared backend to a full local environment with separate tracking and analytics for sensitive environments. They are always fully managed by Snoobi’s System Management, maintained by the Snoobi Development Team and serviced by our consulting, training and customer service team.

Multi-site Roll-up

Developed in cooperation with a Partner, 300+ shop sites are analysed as a single entity, reported on as roll-up and separated. Additional reporting for brands and advertisers. This method has now been used multiple times.

Server Analytics

When product information or factsheets are downloaded directly from a search page result, no web site tool can analyse the results. Snoobi developed a solution to take in log files from the webserver and provide analytics based on this information.

Sales Team Display

Sales teams often have no insight in what actions their prospects perform on the company’s website. In cooperation with a display vendor Snoobi developed a solution where activity of sales leads are displayed on large screens in the sales room, increasing interaction and providing the sales team with additional background.

‘Yellow Pages’ or Directory Site Analytics

Directory sites often have the problem that they need to show to their advertisers that the initial contact was made through them. Special tracking coding was developed for reporting purposes of all website activity and for B2B directory sites names of visiting organizations are reported to the advertisers.

Report Integration

Many Snoobi Partners use reporting tools to roll-up data and metrics from several tools in regular progress reports to their clients. We created customized Snoobi Datafeed solutions with specific json-elements. A number of clients are also using the Snoobi API for that purpose.

Portal or Intranet Analytics

Many standard website analytics packages are not a good fit for analyis of web based portals. They lack the session detail for individual portal users and the legal and GDPR requirements dictate that collected data remains in-country or in the European Union and in the ownership of the company. Snoobi has created a customizable solutions package for this purpose.

Sales Lead Integrations

Most Marketing Automation Platforms have some form of identifying visiting organizations but lack the full session details Snoobi can provide. A Snoobi Partner created an integration using the standard Zapier connectivity provided by Snoobi with Hubspot, other Partners created links from Snoobi to other CRM- or BI Tools using the Snoobi Datafeed.

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