Private Analytics Server

For any data collected by Snoobi the client is the owner of the information; this data never is shared with other parties. Snoobi keeps all data collected for clients on servers within the European Union.

However, in certain cases there may be a requirement to keep data collected as well as reporting isolated from any other data.

The Snoobi Private Server environment (PSE) separates the account storage AND REPORTS from the overall server storage pool and creates a per-account or per-client environment for a separate single named server.

What is Snoobi’s Private Server Environment

The (simplified) datacenter setup for Snoobi Analytics consist of 3 main server clusters:

  1. Collection – fast, fail-safe environment to collect website hits.
  2. Settings and backend processing – centralized processing.
  3. Reporting and database storage – shared environment for Snoobi accounts to store account data and reports.

Collection and Processing is maintained in their respective server clusters, which are necessarily shared, making optimal usage of scalability, backup and fail-over processing. However the main client data is maintained in server cluster 3 (Reporting and storage), which is a shared environment for several Snoobi accunts. The PSE environment creates a separate per-client server cluster for Reporting and Database storage to fully isolate the collected data.

Main elements and benefits of Snoobi PSE

The client-side elements and benefits of Snoobi PSE are the following:

  • Medium- or Large sized database server at named server location within the European Union.
  • Named server identification, certificate of server id and location.
  • Only accessible by named users at client and Snoobi, IP-locked when needed.
  • Own database environment for storage and reporting of website data, no 2-year storage restriction other than 80% of maximum server storage.
  • Separated and encrypted backup within the European Union.
  • Separate signed Data-Processing Agreement.
  • Monthly reporting and review of remaining storage and forecasted space requirements.

Snoobi PSE pricing and delivery

The pricing is in addition to the Snoobi Analytics standard price. Pricing is based on the number of Snoobi accounts and size of collected data.
Pricing is per-server (Medium or Large) with a minimum agreement period of 12 months, one-time fees are applicable for setup and data transfer.
Delivery can be between 14 and 21 days after final order and dependant on server availability in the relevant data center.
Return to the standard Snoobi environment is possible against a small decommissioning fee to enable data transfer.

Questions and Answers

Q: What are the parameters to determine if I need a Medium or Large Snoobi PSE?

A: Since client accounts vary in numerous aspects, there is not a single answer to this question. We will quote the exact price after we have the information about the Snoobi account(s) that need to be covered. Determining factors include:
• Raw data collection (page views, page naming, e-commerce, other traffic elements)
• Need to keep more than 25 months of data
• Number of clusters and reports
• Number of users (and how many simultaneous users)

Q: Can I directly access the data on Snoobi PSE?

A: Access to the Snoobi Data is always through the Snoobi Analytics application, additional access is possible using the Snoobi Datafeed. If other access methods are needed we will review that together with you.

Q: Can I visit the datacenter where the server is located?

A: Due to security restrictions, physical access to the Snoobi storage clusters at our datacenters is not possible. We can arrange an online interview with the datacenter management if required.

Q: Can the Snoobi database server reside in our own location?

A: Due to access, security and speed restrictions the Snoobi PSE only runs in Snoobi’s own database server cluster. However, we can create a complete private Snoobi environment when requested.

Q: What happens when our Snoobi PSE runs out of storage space?

A: If forecasted storage space requirements are 80% of available server space or higher, we consult with the client to either reduce archived data sets or increase storage or move from Medium to Large Server.

Q: How is user access to the Snoobi accounts on Snoobi PSE secured?

A: Client Accounts administrators are in full control of any user who can access the Snoobi Analytics application. Anyone other than Snoobi development and dedicated support employees, no user or 3rd party has directly access to any Snoobi data. We instruct and guide Client Administrators in maintaining a clear user access list and all access is logged and monitored.

Q: What security measures are in place?

A: A full overview of our security measures can be found on our Knowledge Base at:
In general, security follows the same guidelines and access control as for any other Snoobi account, with the exception of locking access to specific IP address ranges.

Q: Is it possible to create a complete private Snoobi environment?

A: Snoobi can create a complete separate Snoobi environment, however that is a custom solution. Contact us for more information.

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