Online Lead Generation

Your website is an essential tool for your business.
Some organizations use it to generate direct revenue through online sales while other businesses use it to generate leads, phone calls or prospective buyer visits.

However, there is one thing that every business wants to accomplish: leverage the website to generate growth.

No organization has a website ‘just to have one’, most organizations spend a considerable amount of time and budget to maintain webpages, create blog or news posts and use advertising platforms to attract visitors to the website. Then the result of all these efforts should also not only visible, but usable to increase a company’s revenue from such an important asset.

The importance of unsampled and detailed visitor data

If the lead generation with your website is only based on recognizing a visiting company from their internet address or you only see known contacts from your marketing tool then important information is not available.
Your sales team needs that information to make informed decisions on what the most promising leads are. Using real marketing qualified leads (MQL) and a profile for every visiting organization means sales teams can focus on the most relevant leads and not waste valuable time.
And if the tool you use provides you with just insight in a single visitor, instead of a holistic view into the behaviour of that prospect on your website you miss out on important data points that can make or break a deal.

Why Snoobi?

With our analytics platform you not only get the web analytics, but also actionable lead information from your website. We provide the data that boosts your online sales and enables you to optimise the website for your target audience.
For instance by building behavioural visitor ratings and the company-wide view with LeadsProfiler to quickly discern which lead has the highest scoring opportunity based on click-by-click analysis and engagement scoring.


Here is a summary of the functions in Snoobi Analytics that already enables hundreds of businesses to identify new leads with their online presence. The Snoobi Team and Partners can assist you in optimizing the solution to your needs. Don’t just believe us on our word or the marketing text on this website, contact us and we’ll let you talk to one of our clients or partners so you hear about their experience first hand!

Top Lead Generation functions

  • Analyse specific landing pages – which pages perform best for your lead generation when this is their entry page?
  • Group product pages or interest groups – view all related information in a single view
  • Conversion Audit – do the channels where you spend your marketing budget actually bring new sales?
  • Campaign Analytics – choose the ad campaign and period, then review results
  • Identify where visitors click most (or least) – time spent on non-functional content is wasted
  • What channel is bringing you the most interesing leads – so you can focus on SEO, SEA or other channels
  • Fully Analyze your Analytics session data – adhoc review to find hotspots and missing information
  • Split test landing page and CTA page changes – small changes to pages can have a huge impact on conversion. Snoobi’s near-time analytics means you have immediate insight
  • Organization recognition – our proprietary IP-to-name database enables us to recognize most organizations from their IP address while maintaining full GDPR compliancy
  • Luke-warm lead nurturing – Snoobi enables you to handle lead aspects such as gathering additional data by adding notes to any organization and label them so when you transfer the lead into the next stage there is all the information needed to actually follow-up
  • Connecting to your CRM or sales tool – of course you can either export the lead list, use the Snoobi Datafeed

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