Portals and Applications

In theory, a portal where external or internal relations log in to access information and perform certain tasks or any web-based applicstion is nothing more than a web application that can be analysed.

However, safety concerns, data ownership and the inability to customize reporting interfaces often mean that no analysis can be offered; therefor portal owners miss out on important statistics.

Snoobi portal, intranet and application analytics (“Snoobi Portal Analytics”) helps companies to monitor and optimize the portal use. With the portal usage reports companies can optimize the adoption, measure the use and improve the usability of the portal. This helps to maximize the business value of the portal or web-based application.

The Snoobi Solution for portals and any web-based application.

Snoobi is a safe and secure solution used for tracking the use of thousands of web and intranet domains by enterprises, government entities and other public sector clients. The collected portal data is owned by the organizations and not used for any other purpose. The data is stored within the EU making Snoobi an excellent choice for data sensitive clients and when compliancy to privacy regulation like GDPR is important. Snoobi Portal Analytics can operate without the need to set any persistent cookie in the browser of the user

Additional metrics specific to Portal analytics

Hundreds of metrics may look great to have, and many details can be viewed in Snoobi Analytics. But once you have decided what metrics are needed for the analysis, they can be used with a single click. Multiple dasboards can be built, used and shared. Complex or roll-up reports from multiple sites and campaigns, or simplified reports that highlight a specific topic: they can all be created on the fly. Any reporting dashboard can be shared online or sent daily in a variety of formats. And if the built-in reports are not sufficient for your needs or you want to combine the Snoobi data with other data elements, then the Snoobi Datafeed provides you with a simple, non-API method of getting data.

In addition to standard metrics, Snoobi Portal Analytics solution provides the following insight

  • tracking of logins with date/time, geo-location and device characteristics
  • login clusters by role and organization
  • analyse pages accessed with referrals from external sources such as newsletter or links from other websites
  • which documents were downloaded by which organization or individual login
  • cluster news, articles and other information elements by product or interest group
  • easy reporting on content with the most interest and engagement score
  • indentify information with minimal access: to target content for removal or highlight to increase interest
  • full session details: what elements of the portal were visited by the logged in user and in what order
  • unique engagement scoring model helps in determining effective use of portal elements
  • identify undesired behaviour to optimize user interface

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