Snoobi features

Features are important, but feature lists never tell the whole story. The value of any feature lies in what the actual benefit is to the user or organization who uses the Snoobi Data Platform.

That is one of the reasons why feature-by-feature comparisons between marketing tools hardly work.

Snoobi features have built over the more than 15 years of development with the end-user in mind and are strongly influenced by actual usage patterns, our service interaction with Clients and the needs of our Partners who deliver the complete value to their clients and need certain functions to perform their service faster or better.

Two unique Snoobi features

One unique element of Snoobi is the Visitor Session View. This is a valuable metric that cannot be found in many analytics tools. With this view it is possible to review every action an individual or organization has taken on your website. Every click is recorded, never sampled or compressed. And since decisions are being made by multiple contacts within an organization, the organization-level session overview provides that required detail as well.

The function that remains invisible but is an important element of the Snoobi Data Engine is the storage of all raw data that is collected. Settings, filters and reports may create their own view and dashboards, but that never impacts the data your website visitor provides. That also means that all settings such as goals, page-clustering or segmentation filters can be done and changed any time. That level of flexibility is hard to find.

An overview of the most used Snoobi functions

  • All the standard web analytics metrics and time comparison
  • No Data Sampling, every click stored and accessible
  • Easy setup of A/B or multivariant testing
  • Visitor and organization profiling
  • E-commerce Analytics for any checkout variable
  • Custom Reporting and dashboarding
  • Snoobi Datafeed for data-extraction
  • Event-tracking (onClick, onMouseDown etc.)
  • Custom variables
  • Visitor analytics from server logs
  • Lead labeling and segmentation
  • KPI-reporting
  • Page Navigation flow report
  • Engagement scoring
  • Ad hoc queries over all available data
  • Campaign and advertising Tracking
  • LeadsProfiler
  • Multi-Site or multi-track options
  • No limit to goals or other settings
  • Specific tool for B2B Leadgeneration includes mobile app
  • All settings can be made retro-actively
  • Full GDPR-compliant, optionally can operate without cookies
  • Proprietary global database to recognize visiting organization
  • Roll-Up Reporting across multiple accounts, domains and organizations

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