Good client feedback on Snoobi webinars on privacy and GDPR

Snoobi recently conducted free webinars with the focus on GDPR and privacy.
Many Snoobi clients from private and public organizations attended the webinars.

The GDPR has significantly reshaped the data protection landscape for website owners that collect and process personal data from EU residents.
For many organizations, data collection and data protection are important subjects that need additional attention. Maintaining websites have been the area of marketing- and content managers with little or no previous experience in privacy projects.

In the Snoobi webinars, Geddy van Elburg from Global Topology, an expert in the field of how to collect statistical and analytics data while addressing privacy concerns, explained what areas need the most attention and how to maintain full data ownership. Anne Opas and Mika Alapiessa from Snoobi provided background and details on specific GDPR-related Snoobi features.

In the webinars the steps for GDPR compliance were explained, and tips provided on how to proceed with this complex task.

To assist clients in maintaining data ownership, inform website visitors and remain full GDPR-compliant, Snoobi has added several system functions. One specific feature that received positive feedback was the ability to allow visitors to easily request insight or removal of their visit data.

Some feedback:

››› Thank you for having a great guest speaker
››› Very good webinar with a lot of information”
››› Thank you for the clear information”
››› I expect that how usefull this is will be spread from us to others who need to know
››› Great that Snoobi handles privacy concerns in a professional way.
››› It took us a while to be aware about this and we will be implementing much of the advice
››› As a governmental organization, privacy is important for us, this helps to focus on data collection

Snoobi Technology’s mission is to enable companies to collect and harvest online data for creating new and actionable insights, optimizing their business and marketing and do this without compromising GDPR compliancy or data ownership.

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