Snoobi is a GDPR-compliant, powerful and complete website data analytics platform

You will find out everything that is going on with visitors to your website, webshop or intranet. Full first-party access to your data, 100% accurate – no data sampling, ever. Whether you want data from the current hour, last week, or two years ago. It’s secure, fast, GDPR-compliant, customizable, easy to use and with hundreds of Snoobi metrics your reporting and integration possibilities are endless. Do you need to collect data without any storage or cookie? Our Privacy Manager can manage all aspects of your site analytics without the need to change the analytics code.


Decide how to use your data.

Focus on what is important and how you want to use it.

The Snoobi Analytics Platform gives you the freedom to see what you want to see quickly, ‘as it happens’ in real time. Regardless if these are the unfiltered metrics, dashboards or fully customizable reports. Make any setting retroactively based on all collected raw data, or on-the-fly for maximum flexibility. The proprietary clustering, filtering and segmentation options allow you to zoom in on any session detail and any unique visitor. No matter how you want to show and use your data, we got it covered.

Unique session detail

Gain insight in visitor activity

The Snoobi platform is more than an interface for smart analytics. Analyse not just clicks but raise your insight into the full session on your website to the next level. Don’t be satisfied with a compressed overview of your data!
Use every click to profile your visitors’ movement over your website. With Snoobi you can do so easily and your data is secure and accessible.


Snoobi, a complete Analytics Platform


Marketing Analytics is a key factor in the success of an organization. One of the most important factors that enables detailed analytics and eventually leads to predictions on campaign ROI is the availability of uncompressed first-party data.
To be able to analyse, the analyst needs full control over the data.


There are many ways the data a company creates is important. And it is not just your financial- or client records that are valuable resources where you should have full control.
Only when you maintain full ownership over the analysis behaviour of visitors to your website or webshop will you benefit from that data.


If your Online Lead Generation is only based on recognizing a visiting company from their internet address or you only see known contacts from your marketing tool then important information is left out. Using real marketing qualified leads and every visiting organization means sales teams can focus on the most relevant leads and not waste valuable time.

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