A new version of the leading Snoobi Analytics web analysis solution

With close to 20 years expertise in web analytics, Snoobi is continuously improving its solutions to help its customers better understand website visits and discover patterns in usage. We are constantly reviewing new technologies, new analysis insights and data security requirements from our customers. As part of that focus we have now released an extensive new release of Snoobi Analytics.

Firstly, we have implemented a series of important updates to our server and data structure to increase the processing speed and allow our customers to generate reports and analysis much faster than before.

Of the many other improvements that we have released, here are the 4 most important ones:

  1. Additional metrics and statistics for more insight into visitors and usage
    Snoobi Analytics is ideally suited for analyzing the use of the website and to recognize visitor patterns. To improve this even further, we have now added additional metrics and dimensions that can provide even more insight and at the same time speed up and improve analysis and reporting. The beauty of Snoobi Analytics is that the new metrics and dimensions are immediately available in reports and apply to all collected data – also your historical data, contrary to how most other web analytics solutions work.
  2. Improvements in the User Interface
    As with any analytics solution, the development of the User Interface never stops. Solutions can offer many options and metrics, but it is sometimes difficult to make use of all the options or techniques. Important functions are sometimes ‘hidden’ behind multiple clicks or menus. To address this, Snoobi is continually reviewing the User Experience and updating the User Interface to provide a better and faster experience. As a result, this release contains several improvements to optimize the User Experience.
  3. New interface for Segmentation
    Snoobi Analytics collects a large amount of visitor data of every website. The ability to filter and segment that data is therefore especially important, so that reports can be created that provide insights into visits and identify opportunities to improve. The new release includes better options for managing Segmentation.
  4. E-commerce new possibilities
    Snoobi Analytics’ e-commerce solution registers details of the checkout page of the webshop. With the changes in this release, more elements can now be measured, and data can easily be filtered from within each panel. Snoobi Analytics now collects additional checkout variables for the Snoobi e-commerce reporting. Does your webshop solution contain information about product group, language settings, customer codes, different invoice or shipping addresses, or other data? With the latest update we can collect all data that is relevant for your e-commerce and combine this with your existing Snoobi web analysis data.

With this release, we are also introducing a change in our release strategy. Instead of releasing small updates, we will be focusing on providing more updates and improvements in regular major releases. Specific problems that customers may have when using Snoobi Analytics will be addressed immediately.

Our customers and partners have all been extensively informed about this new release.

Do you have questions or comments about this new release or Snoobi and web analytics in general? We always like to hear from you!

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