Snoobi Support & Snoobi Clinics

Snoobi offers a variety of services to help customers optimize their site analytics, lead generation and e-commerce analytics

A complete knowledgebase (mostly in English) is available for functionality details on the Snoobi Support Information site.

But we also understand that users and administrators may be new and are not familiar with the specific options Snoobi has to offer. And that knowledge about what metrics have been used in Snoob and what settings have been made previously may not be optimal.
That is where Snoobi can provide support through Snoobi Care.

Snoobi Care knows several options, from a single online session to a classroom-type training session, as well as a complete analytics management package where we help you manage your Snoobi Analytics solution. We also assist to ensure the timely delivery of marketing and management reports.

In addition to the paid Snoobi Care service, we also hold short online sessions to introduce users to the various options offered by Snoobi Analytics and to show the latest release improvements. Online sessions are free for paying Snoobi customers and last about 20-30 minutes.

The purpose of these short online Snoobi Clinics sessions is not to replace entire training or consultation projects, but to introduce users and administrators to the various options and metrics offered by Snoobi Analytics and to provide examples of best practice.

Snoobi owners and administrators can determine which Snoobi Care solution best fits their business and analytics needs, and Snoobi experts can tailor follow-up sessions to the needs of the organization.

The latest schedules and subscription forms can always be found under the ‘Support’ menu on this website. [Finnish form] [Dutch form]

The sessions have two target groups:

[ 1 ] End-users of the Snoobi application and reports, and

[ 2 ] Administrators who manage the Snoobi settings, create reports and are responsible for the quality of site metrics..