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About Snoobi

Snoobi started in Finland in 2002 as one of the first full-feature web analytics solutions. Since then Snoobi has undergone numerous improvements and extensions.

The company has won several awards during its history such as the Red Herring Award and Deloitte Fast Movers award. Since 2016 the ownership and development had been acquired by the privately owned Dutch Snoobi Technology organization. The Snoobi Analytics Platform is now in use by thousands of organizations and public sector clients.
Snoobi® is a European Union Registered Trademark under # 007582562

The Snoobi team and Snoobi Partners use the unique Snoobi features to ensure that customers have all the data they need to optimize their website or e-commerce site, to improve website performance, analyze visitor behavior for lead generation and simplify the analysis of newsletters and campaigns performance. Our product roadmap is based on feedback from partners and customers and is constantly maintained in line with latest development in internet marketing.

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  • Address:
    Antwerpenweg 4, 7418 CR Deventer (NL)
    Runeberginkatu 46B31, 00260 Helsinki (FI)
    NL KvK#: 72508256 —– FI Y-tunnus: 3185822-9
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    +31 (0) 20 3456820 (general) and +31 (0) 851301215 (support and consulting)
    +358 (0) 9 42720598 (general) and +358(0) 452789497 (Mika Alapiessa)
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    info [a] and info [a] (general and sales)
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