Snoobi mobile app in use by Orange Homes in Amsterdam

A couple of years ago Snoobi introduced its mobile app for customers who want to monitor the visitors to their website from their phone. Prospekter Mobile has proven to be a welcome addition to the full Snoobi Analytics tool.

One of our customers using this app is Orange Homes, a home finding and relocation company operating from Amsterdam. Their services enable expats to have a smooth transition from their home country to living and working in the Netherlands. The company can support its customers in all aspects of the relocation process: finding a new home, organizing removals, locating schools and administrative challenges.

They has been using Snoobi Analytics for a couple of years. Their interests are looking at the effectiveness of their Google Ads© campaigns and also to identify possible leads that visited the website.

We talked to Tara Alapiessa, one of the owners of Orange Homes:

The housing market in the Netherlands is very hectic. There is a shortage of houses and apartments everywhere and we constantly need to work hard and be creative to find homes for our clients.

She explains that they are away from the office most of the time: talking to customers or looking for new properties. Monitoring potential new prospects is of course also very important.

Tara adds: “We are always busy working for the expats, and at the same time we also need to keep track of companies that are looking for our services. That is why Prospekter Mobile is so useful. It is a very user-friendly app and we can quickly see which visitors came to our site that we need to contact.“

Using Prospekter Mobile

Are you using Snoobi Analytics? Then you can start using the Prospekter Mobile app as well. No additional costs. Click here to set this up today, or look at this article about Snoobi Prospekter mobile!