Migration Finnish clients concluded

Finnish customers now fully switched to the newest Snoobi platform

In recent months, we have worked hard to bring the thousands of Finnish customers who use Snoobi Analytics on the same modern and faster Snoobi platform used by our customers in The Netherlands and other countries. Thanks to their support and good communication with our Finnish partner Fonecta, we were able to do this job without major problems.

This migration was for all Fonecta customers, including the governmental and semi-governmental organizations covered by the agreement with Valtori. More information on this cooperation in a recent news item on our website.

Charles Odinot, managing director of Snoobi says: “It was a major operation because a number of customers have collected more than 10 years and terra-bytes of analytics data, which had to remain fully accessible during the migration.”

From now on, all global Snoobi Analytics customers use the same interface. One of the advantages of using a single platform is that improvements can be implemented faster and new options are immediately available to all customers.

Fonecta’s Product manager, Meri-Jenna Lappalainen says about the migration:”We are happy that we have concluded this migration to the latest Snoobi Analytics platform. Together with Snoobi we intend to extend the usability and features in 2020 for our customers.”

The first reactions from Finnish customers are also positive: they are happy with the faster interface, the clear menu structure and the expansion of the user options.

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