One of our Snoobi Partners in Netherlands is Team Nijhuis, located in Borne. With FD Gazelle Awards and 4 times a listing on the Deloitte Fast 50 is Team Nijhuis an important partner for Snoobi. Below more information about Team Nijhuis and a recent interview.

Grow with Team Nijhuis

By positioning your company as a team, you create expectations for both customers and employees. Originally called Nijhuis, since the 70s Team Nijhuis. A Digital Marketing Agency that does justice to its company name. It is a team. They are specialists. They are creative. They have been active since 1973 and are still innovative. Team Nijhuis has one goal: to grow your business. How? Through experience, a clear business philosophy, insight, strategy and most importantly: through working with the client proactively. Snoobi is an important tool in fulfilling their mission. Team Nijhuis, “we exist to let your business grow.

We are developing a strategy to nurture customers during the entire (purchasing) process, instead of just at the time of purchase. You really help customers with that. As a team, we are committed to exploiting the maximum potential of all our customers.”

Where many companies struggle to stay in the forefront and keep up with online market development, Team Nijhuis has been a breath of fresh air for years. They perform a research of the target group and the industry and do not take existing ideas for granted. They dare to reinvent themselves and offer a lot of room for new talent. The internal cooperation between experienced specialists and up-and-coming talent provides dynamic and creative solutions. They think about now and the future. This is reflected in the development of the See, Think, Do, Care model. Many companies and agencies approach digital marketing only from the decision phase. But that means you miss out on many potential customers. “An example is the car industry. The purchasing process takes an average of six months. Visitors leave traces early in the process. By creating an overview, the customer sees the real potential. We then develop a strategy to nurture these customers during the entire process, rather than just the moment of purchase. You really help customers with that. As a team, we are committed to maximise the potential of all our customers,” says Luuk Rouwhorst, Team Lead and Inbound Sales Manager at Team Nijhuis.

Team Nijhuis has been using the Snoobi tools for more than seven years, mainly for lead generation but also for detailed analysis of the visiting organizations. Luuk: “Even after seven years we see that new potential customers are still impressed by the possibilities to see which companies visit their website and details of their visit”. By using the Snoobi tools with website analytics and lead scoring possibilities, it is possible to show exactly which companies and industries visit the website, what their interest is, in which stage of the decision process they are and more. Thanks to this insight, customers know exactly where they stand and Team Nijhuis can develop a strategy. Interviews with target groups, Google Ads, social media: every relevant channel is used for launching a new brand and product or increasing brand awareness of existing products. The customers are therefore also diverse: from car dealers to home care, from recruitment agencies to web shops, from the city of Utrecht to F.C. Twente and many more.

Just like Snoobi, Team Nijhuis is committed to helping your company grow. Approaching the customer at the right time through the right channels. Not only today, but certainly also tomorrow.

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