Snoobi Technology Announces New Release of Snoobi Analytics

Helsinki, Oct 26 2021

The latest release of the Snoobi Analytics Platform adds several tools for a website owner to offer anonymous analytics, as well as several enhancements to general analytics and e-commerce tracking. This includes the possibility to fully comply with visitor requests for information or data deletion. Snoobi herefore enables organisations that use Snoobi Analytics to be fully GDPR-compliant.

Snoobi Technology B.V. took over full ownership of the Snoobi Analytics webanalytics tool in 2019. Last year the company also ended the distributorship of Fonecta Oy in Finland. The company now develops and sells the Snoobi Analytics platform and services worldwide. The program is in use by thousands of organizations and public sector clients. 

Snoobi Analytics specializes in GDPR-compliant analytics tracking of websites, webshops, intranets and portals. The organizations that use Snoobi Analytics maintain full ownership of the data, which is exclusively stored on servers in Finland.

Charles Odinot, CEO of Snoobi Technology says: “We see an increased interest from organizations to maintain analytics insight and at the same time be fully GDPR-compliant, while the internet industry moves to removing 3rd party cookies cookies or other browser storage items. Snoobi strives to deliver the tools to enable owners of websites to protect the privacy of website visitors and be completely transparent on how they use the collected data.”

About Snoobi Technology B.V.
Snoobi Technology B.V. develops tools and services focused on web analytics and custom analytics solutions. The cradle of Snoobi was Finland in 2002 when it started as one of the first full-feature global web analytics solutions.  Snoobi Oy was acquired by Fonecta in 2012. Snoobi Technology B.V. took over the technology and ongoing development in 2019 and now offers direct service and support. Since the acquisition by Snoobi Technology the analytics tool has seen various new releases and enhancements.

Snoobi Technology’s mission is to enable companies to collect and harvest online data for creating new and actionable insights, optimizing their business and marketing and do this without compromising GDPR compliancy or data ownership.

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