New Snoobi Release, an interview with a Snoobi Technology founder

In September 2022, we are releasing the latest version (V2022-9) of our GDPR-compliant web analytics solution.
Instead of a rather boring list of improvements, new features and functions, we decided to interview Charles Odinot, one of our founders.
Charles is also managing our development team and is responsible for Snoobi’s Road Map.

What do you see as focus areas in this release and what is new?

“As with every release there are some areas we concentrate on in addition to the standard of fixing some issues and adding smaller enhancements.
This time making the interface more user-friendly was one of them. We reduced the number of clicks that are needed to see more than the standard set of metrics. We also show additional information in the panels and allow for a standard filter set that can remain active. In addition, you can now collapse the Snoobi left-hand action menu so more data can be shown on the screen. An important new feature has been added to the Snoobi Traffic Monitor: ‘Real-time visits’. Updated every 5 seconds, we show which organizations are currently on your web site and on what page.”

What guides your development team in creating new functions and improvements?

It may not always be clear how we prioritize changes in Snoobi. There are 3 things that influence priorities and new development:
(1) The general progress in analytics: what can we show or do that really helps our customers maximize the benefit of their web presence? More data is not always more useful data.
(2) Usage patterns: we collect anonymous usage data on how Snoobi is used. One example of how we use this: how many rows of data you see in a panel. Almost everyone who uses Snoobi interactively selects to show more than the standard 10 rows, so we added the ability to set and fix your own number of rows.
(3) Feedback from clients and partners through our support channels and our regular partner talks about what may be needed in the near future.

How can your clients benefit from this new release?

“The changes to the interface make it easier and faster to get to the information people need for their day-to-day tasks. But as always, there’s a learning curve, most certainly for our clients who have been using Snoobi for a long time. Direct, real-time information about the organizations that are on the site now, combined with the Snoobi mobile app helps identifying leads but also potential issues.”

Looking at the future

We asked Charles what is on the ‘drawing board’ for future releases? “That question is somewhat competition-sensitive of course, but in general we will add elements that can be collected anonymously from websites, add metrics that are of real interest to marketers and allow more data from Snoobi to flow into third-party report generation and BI-tools. Our team will also reach out to customers and partners to receive feedback. We believe personal contact is more important than sending out some questionnaire.”

A quick overview of the release notes for any version can be found in the Snoobi Knowledgebase, or ask Snoobi customer service.