Prospekter Lite: direct view on visitors from your mobile

In addition to Snoobi Analytics, there is Prospekter Mobile. It runs on iOS and Android and immediately shows which organizations visit your website. It is free to be used by any Snoobi Analytics user.

This makes it even easier to directly respond to what is happening on your website. After all, you are not always at your laptop, but your mobile phone is always at hand!

Prospekter Mobile can be installed from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and can be used free of charge for any standard Snoobi Analytics account.

You can access the data either with your standard username and password, or by using the Snoobi Datafeed. The Datafeed option is best used when the users do not have or need access to the full Snoobi application. If you do not have a default visitor score set yet, we can of course assist

Easy Settings

All you need is an active Snoobi Analytics account. You either use standard username amd password or the Datafeed tokens. Also enter the Snoobi account ID and Datacenter ( for all Finnish clients)

More settings

Select how many days to show.

In the settings, you can also select another Snoobi account with the same login, change the number of engagement (Rating group) points for which you want to see the data.

Visitor information

The first screen shows the visiting organizations, almost real time and easy to refresh. The visitors with the highest score with name and location are shown first. The number of visits, the type of organization and the lead score are immediately visible.

Valuable details

With one click on a name, more information about the visits of an organization is displayed on the screen of your mobile. The lead score per visit, the visit details and additional information such as on which page the visitor landed and how they arrived on the site.

Are you an existing customer using Snoobi Analytics? Then you can just start using Prospekter Mobile with your username and password. You will need to setup the rating group to filter on (or ask us for assistance). If you rather use the generic Datafeed tokens for asscess, you can request the Prospekter Datafeeds without additional cost. Just fill in the form to request access to the data and install the iOS or Android app!

This is just one of the many solutions that are possible with Snoobi. Are you a Snoobi Partner or are you interested in a customized solution for your customers? We can be very flexible and have create multiple solutions already. Please contact us and we will discuss options!