Marketing Analytics

Marketing Analytics can be defined as the process marketers use to review and analyse the success of their marketing efforts.

As such, Marketing Analytics needs more than a simplified view on visits to your company’s website. Effective marketers need Marketing Analytics to determine performance and to identify areas of potential improvement. And that is difficult if not all session detail is available and the marketing metrics cannot be used in a variety of ways and in a dashboard of choice.

Snoobi Analytics provides a number of ways marketers can use the analytics metrics provided by the Snoobi Technology to their benefit and enables them to visualize progress and IDENTIFY improvement areas for the ANY management LEVEL WITHIN the organization.

Low Latency, near-time metrics

It is not sufficient to see metrics hours after an event happened on your website. You do not want to wait a few hours before you see the first results of your advertising or e-mail campaign. The Snoobi solution provides close to real-time data which enables you to react quickly and see initial results immediately.

Concise and complex dashboards and reports

Hundreds of metrics may look great to have, and many details can be viewed in Snoobi Analytics. But once you have decided what metrics are needed for the analysis, they can be used with a single click. Multiple dasboards can be built, used and shared. Complex or roll-up reports from multiple sites and campaigns, or simplified reports that highlight a specific topic: they can all be created on the fly. Any reporting dashboard can be shared online or sent daily in a variety of formats. And if the built-in reports are not sufficient for your needs or you want to combine the Snoobi data with other data elements, then the Snoobi Datafeed provides you with a simple, non-API method of getting data.

Flexible settings and segmentation

With Snoobi Analytics, the marketer does not need a consultant to provide segments, filters or specific settings. Snoobi Analytics maintains a database of all raw data as it is collected from the website; any setting can be done on the complete dataset. This method ensures the fastest implementation time possible, ensures no data loss occurs when incorrect settings are applied and allows for ad-hoc settings at any time

High Quality metrics

Data-driven actionable insight connects the analytics to an action. An actionable insight is only obtained by analyzing the available data against a set of goals.
A number of these goals are easy: the conversion rate for a completed contact or lead form, or a checkout for a shopping cart.
But Snoobi analyses more than goals and cart conversions: every online action or combination of actions performed by a visitor and any visitor parameter such as location or business line can be weighted and scored. This enables a goal to become a level of engagement for your target audience and provides the actionable insight online business requires.

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