Why should you use Snoobi Analytics

It can be difficult to select the right tool to use for your web statistics.

Requirements are more than check marking a long list of features and functions. What you need is a tool and a vendor that not only satisfies your needs of today but grows with you as circumstances, your website and requirements progress over time.

Snoobi Analytics was initially developed in Finland in 2004 as the web analytics tool that allows you to track and analyze visitor behavior on your website. Since then we have developed many additional features in close cooperation with our customers and partners. Our vision is to provide the services to get real actionable insights from your website visits.

Based on the feedback from our users we created an overview of our benefits and why they selected Snoobi.

Here are some reasons why you should choose Snoobi

  • Snoobi Analytics offers a range of features, including real-time visitor tracking and behavior analysis.
  • Our user interface has a complete set of reporting tools that are easy to use and accessible to every user, providing actionable insight into your online statistics.
  • Users do not need to be technical or analytics specialists, Snoobi Dashboards can be focused on the most important metrics that different functions in your organization need.
  • We also provide insights into the types and names of organizations that are visiting your website, which is useful for B2B companies and can be used to identify new leads by visit scoring.
  • The e-commerce solution presents you with a comprehensive set of e-commerce analytics metrics, going beyond the standard analytics metrics.
  • The Snoobi Datafeed provides access to all analytics data without the need for programmatic API calls.
  • Pricing is attractive, with no hidden fees for hosting or support service. There are also discounts for non-commercial usage.
  • Any setting in Snoobi can be made retro-actively, allowing for reports to reflect all collected data and meaning data is never lost, combined, or sampled
  • Specific solutions for portals and intranet tools such as Microsoft SharePoint® optimize analytics reports for these special environments.
  • Our solution-oriented approach offers a high level of flexibility and customization options.
  • The collected data is fully privacy regulation compliant, securely and exclusively maintained on European servers and never shared with anyone other than the client.
  • A simple mobile app allows you to follow the base metrics of your website and the organizations that visit important pages for your business without the need to login Snoobi itself..
  • For data collection, we offer full granular control over user data collection and privacy, including the ability to enable cookie-less tracking.
    Cookie-less analytics provides a more privacy-friendly solution because it does not rely on cookies, which can be used to track users across different websites and devices.
  • Snoobi’s phone support is directly available and onboarding is included. We also provide training, implementation assistance and extended consulting when needed.
  • The Snoobi Analytics Experts have over 15 years experience in web analytics and are eager to share that knowledge for your benefit.
  • The Snoobi Solutions are used in many markets and by many organizations and companies, both small and large and for a wide variety of uses.

More information or would you like our specialists to assist in a specific implementation?